OUTFIT | Simple yet dressed up

It's Saturday and the last day of May so let's do one of your favorite blogposts : an outfit. 
Last week I already showed you the accessories in a sneak peek -see here- and today I found someone to take some photos so I can finally show the outfit to you. 
My outfit is pretty simple yet dressed up. Especially that last thing was very important since I was invited to a James Bond inspired party. When I got the invitation, I started to stress out immediately. 
'James Bond theme? What the hell am I going to wear? Bond is a man, I'm a woman.' were some of the thoughts spinning trough my head. I guess you can say I had an outfit crisis? 
In the end I chose to wear a simple little black dress with a special touch, the open back, a pair of sexy strappy heels and some statement earrings. 
I hope you like this look..?! 
Oh girls, if you can wear a dress that has a normal back so you don't have to wear a strange 'bra', do it! You and your ladies will feel much more comfortable. 


INSPIRATION | I'd rather be..

I had planned an outfit for you today but since I'm really not having my day, I couldn't take outfit photos. And what is an outfitpost without photos? Right, nothing. 
The only thing I can think about today is a beautiful place where I don't have to think and just enjoy. 
Let us just enjoy these beautiful photos of amazing places for now. 


OUTFIT | Nude round sunnies

Just a random every day outfit : a jeans paired up with a jumper and a blazer, some flats, one of my favorite bags and a new pair of sunglasses. 
The sunnies are very round, I know, but I just like them because of the color -nude is so versitale- and probably also because I associate some people when looking at these glasses. 
Would you wear such round ones? 


WORDS | Believe

I don't know how to start or what to say actually except for the fact that lots of people need to believe more in themselves. I think everybody has insecurities, some on a personal level, others on a professional level, or another. It doesn't really matter on which level as long as it isn't controlling your life because that is where the problems are. We all need to believe in ourselves a bit more - of course not too much because you don't want to be a too confident person, right? - but it can be hard sometimes. A lot of the time you don't believe in yourself while others do, trust me that this is the truth, so if you see or know that someone is scared/disappointed/sad/unhappy/.. with themselves, try to encourage them to believe more of what you and other people see. It is so beautiful to see someone who starts to believe in themself little by little. It's like a flower that is opening up.. and who doesn't like beautiful flowers? 


OUTFIT | Accessories

Here you have a sneak peek of an outfit I still have to show you. Well, actually you can only see the shoes and jewelry of the outfit so let's say that you can see the accessories. 
What do you think I was wearing? A dress, jumpsuit, skirt, trousers, jeans,..? I'm very curious what you think or how you would combine this! Yes, being curious is a part of my personality ;) 

heels : Asos // earrings : River Island // 


INSPIRATION | Coachella 2014

With the good weather from the past days, Summer is on my mind all the time. And when I think of Summer, I instantly think about festivals. If you follow me already for a while, it is possible that you've seen some festivalposts. If not, you can see some of them here here here here here and more. 
Big or small festivals, I doesn't really matter to me, it's just that special vibe that I love so much! 
One of the most famous festivals around the world took place at the beginning of April. Yes I'm talking about Coachella. Coachella is a festival in the desert in California. It's not only known for it's artists and music but also for the fashionable people that walk around there. Artists, models, bloggers, it-girls, actors, etcetera and of course 'normal' people.  
If you're planning to go to a festival but don't know what to wear, definitely take a look at these inspiring fashionable outfits! 


OUTFIT | Comfy travelling

And here we are already with the last outfit from Rotterdam. I wore this for travelling, a denim shirt with a jeans, some sneakers, a coat and a super handy bag. What do you need more in an outfit when travelling? 


WORDS | Happiness

The reason I share these words is because it is true and too little people realize this. Lots of people only realize it when they are going trough a rough period or when they aren't happy. 
Past Saturday I was having a conversation with someone I hadn't see in a long while and she said a couple of things which fit perfectly with this quote : 
- When you're having fun, don't leave. 
- Try to enjoy every second of your life. 
Since she said this stuff, I'm constantly thinking about it. We all know these things but actually realizing them? I don't think we do. 
It is so important to be happy, for you, your loved ones, your mental and physical health, etc. and for a part the happiness is in our own hands so I'm going to post a DIY soon. What it has to do with each other, I'm not going to reveal it yet so stay tuned! 


BLOG | The past week

Monday I wrote that I was going to write a blogpost every day of the past week. 
Now it is time for you to give your honest opinion so I know what you thought about it. 
What do you think of the past week? Do you find it good or too much to see a post every single day?
What subjects do you like reading the most (words, fashion, beauty, outfit, travel, ..)? How many times a week would you like to see an outfitpost? This question is pretty specific because initially that's why I started Blonde Butterflies, to show you outfits. 
If you have any ideas, recommendations, requests and/or questions, please leave them in the comment section. 
The more comments I get on this post, the better because your opinion counts! 


OUTFIT | May 17th

This is what I wore today. Yes, actually today! Isn't it a shock that I'm already posting it on the blog?! 
I am a little bit proud of myself because normally I'm not that fast..
 I chose this casual chic, more on the casual side, outfit because I had to go to the yearly schoolevent of my little sister. Well, I didn't have to but I love seeing her doing her thing and performing!
The weather was very nice so this boho blouse was enough to keep me warm. Actually, I was dressed too warm but I didn't want to wear a beautiful skirt or dress because with hundreds of little children an accident isn't far away.. 
Tomorrow will be a lazy Sunday in the sun, hopefully I will get a tan! 


TRAVEL | Rotterdam diary

Today's plan was and is to give you a photo diary but at the moment I'm at my dad's and I don't have my computer with me so i'll upload the photos tomorrow and the post from tomorrow of course. 
This is a photo which you could already see on my Instagram (@lyndesloovere). 
For now, goodnight lovelies! 

I really can not believe that it's already been four weeks that I was in Rotterdam with my love. 
A little getaway with just the two of us to celebrate our 5 years anniversary. 
Here is a little photo diary. Oh god, looking at these photos makes me wanna go back on a vacation with him asap! 
By the way, you have already seen two outfits, here and here, but there is still one more to come. 


FASHION | Coco Rocha x BaubleBar

Coco Rocha, Canadian fashion model, has launched a jewelry line together with BaubleBar. I really like these kind of collaborations -and I just love BaubleBar!-. 
It isn't the first time that BaubleBar does something like this; they already did this with Ashley Madekwe and Kourtney Kerr.
The small collection exists mostly out of statement pieces and for the ones who are still searching for a nice ear cuff, this is your chance! There is one really special piece and the fact that makes it so special is that it is custom made. I'm talking about the 'personalized script ear cuff'. This collection and the ones from the other guest bartenders are definitely worth to take a look! 
PS : The plan was to post a review of five beauty products but I didn't have the time to take all the photos etcetera so instead this post. But don't worry, the review will still come :) 


OUTFIT | Striped black

Another outfit from Rotterdam. It was the third day, Easter Sunday, and the weather was pretty good so I decided to change my leopard coat into a leather jacket. 
An all black outfit except for the white stripes on my jumper -dang, I searched very long for a jumper like this!-, the golden studs on my bag and the silver details on my jacket and shoes. Oh and let's not forget about that little golden detail on the side of my sunglasses, which I adore! I think that you'll be seeing me wearing them a lot.. 
I added the last photo for a funny touch because I was posing in the park and lots of people came by and my boyfriend doesn't like take pics in general, let alone when people come by. So what did I do? 
Act a bit crazy!


FASHION | Streetstyle NYFW, LFW, MFW, PFW February 2014

With being almost the half of May it is about time that I show you some of my favorite looks and photos from the fashionweeks last February. 
The reason it took so long isn't really my fault actually, I was still waiting for some bloggers/photographers to post their snapshots but I can't keep you waiting, right?! Because before we realize it, the new fashion season will already begin. 
Enjoy these last winter outfits -although some aren't really winter-ish to me-. 


WORDS | Remember why..

Once and a while it is important to think about why you started. Whether it is about school, your job, a hobby, ... 
A while ago I thought about why I started this blog. Is it just as a hobby, do I want to become more professional, how much do I want to post, etc. 
Initially I started the blog to show my outfits to the world as main subject with from time to time another post. Since months it is completely the opposite : I post way more about other topics than my outfits. In fact, a personal outfit is pretty rare lately. That wasn't the plan when I started Blonde Butterflies. Of course plans can change but my plan hasn't changed. 
So.. what am I going to do? First of all I'm going to post a lot more, starting with writing an article every day this week. Second, I'm going to try my best to make more outfitposts. 
Is there something you need to think about why you started? 
& oh, don't forget to check out Blonde Butterflies every single day! 


EVENT | JuliaJune FW14

In the beginning of April I was invited to go to the JuliaJune x Fevery event. 
JuliaJune is a growing brand that describes itselves as 
"Edgy yet feminine. Naughty yet romantic. Julia is addicted to life. Her personality is infectious. 
She doesn't take life & herself too seriously. Is always open for new experiences. Greedy for fashion and hungry for beauty. She lives her life to the maximum.
She loves her freedom. Follows her own rules. 
She's wild... intriguing. The future will bring her... whatever she wants." 
Quite a beautiful poem/story to describe let people meet your brand, right? 
Fevery is a valued bakery in my city, Ghent, which has to close it's doors unfortunately. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to the basement -the place where all the magic happened-, have a little chat with the owners of Fevery and see how yummy things were made in this very authentic bakery.  
Now you may think, what is the link between these two? Well, Fevery is closing his doors while JuliaJune will open these exact doors again in August but with fashion instead of food. 
I guess it is probably one of the most smart decisions to do it like this because fashion and food are both a piece of art in my eyes. 
I had a super lovely evening thanks to original concept, the food & drinks, DJ Søren, fellow bloggers Aurélie and Stephanie with who I spent most of my time with, and MediaMania! 


OUTFIT | Leopard in Rotterdam

Another outfitpost, finally! As you may have read here I went to Rotterdam with the boyfriend to spend Easter weekend but actually it was to celebrate our five years anniversary. We decided to have a little 'datenight', dress up a bit more -me wearing a dress, he wearing a shirt- instead of just casual outfits. 
I wore the little black dress I bought for my 20th birthday together with my leopardcoat, which was my coat for the whole weekend and I was and I still am surprised how good I can combine this coat! Definitely a good purchase last year, hooray! 


WORDS | "To live a creative life.." by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Let's think and talk about these wise words from Joseph Chilton Pearce, an American author. 
I completely agree with him and let me tell you why. Blogging is a way of expressing your creativaty but you may have noticed that I'm not posting that many articles and definitely not a lot of outfits, where this blog was/is actually about. There are multiple reasons for that but one of the biggest reasons is that I'm scared. 
There, I said it. I am scared. 
I'm scared that you won't like what I post, that you're going to unfollow me, that my post doesn't get enough comments and/or pageviews, my photo on Instagram doesn't get enough likes, etc. 
This may sound superficial, and in a way it is -I realize that-, and strange to some of you but I'm only human as well. I am just as human as every single one of my readers and I have also fears and insecurities. 
If you have any idea how I could be able to handle these fears and insecurities more, every tip is welcome because I want to be a good blogger. What did I just say? A good blogger? I want to be a great blogger! 
Don't be afraid to share your experiences, blogger or not, because we can all learn from each other. 
Please don't judge me by this little piece I wrote because I am just being honest with you, my readers. 
Thank you.