Fi:hP pictures

If you've read some of my preview posts, you know that I went to 'Fi:hP' , a festival. And if you read my post about Pukkelpop you know that I love festivals and I love the vibe that's in the air. It has something magical : everybody is there for the same thing. Music, friends, peace, love, fun, ... 
Some bands/deejays I saw : The Dandy Warhols, Goose, Arsenal, Kelis, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Cassius, Groove Armada, Dope D.O.D., ... 

Sneak peek

This picture is a little preview of one of the upcoming posts this weekend .. 
Only a few more hours and weekend can officially begin :) 


Outfit Fi:hP day 3

Outfit from last Saturday, the third day I went to the festival 'Fi:hP'. A warmer outfit than the days before, the weather wasn't so good .. 
The partypics soon :) 


Outfit Fi:hP day 2

Here is my outfit of the second day of 'Fi:hP'. A jeans, flower top, bag and some very comfortable 'shoes'. I call it shoes but some people don't call it shoes and I can understand them. But they are sooo comfortable and easy. If they are dirty, just do them in the washing machine! Let's call these white flats my 'gymmies'. I love my gymmies haha :) 


Happy first birthday

Exactly one year ago, I wrote my first blog post ever. That moment, Blonde Butterflies was born! In the beginning the blog didn't call 'Blonde Butterflies' but I guess in January I decided to go for this name, if you read the post you know why I changed ;) 
So the blog exists one year and I have to celebrate that, I'm a little bit in the party mood but I'm also very tired of 'Fi:hP' (you can see it in my eyes that I'm tired) 
Thanks for following me, without you the blog wouldn't be the same! 

Outfit Fi:hP day 1

Thursday, 'Fi:hP' started. Fi:hP is a festival here in Belgium, the translation is 'Pa:tP' aka 'Party at : the Park'. It sounds a little bit strange in English .. Thursday was the first day I went and this was what I was wearing. Relatively casual with 2 pink touches. Photos of my outfits Friday and Saturday are coming in next posts. 
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Weekend photos

Here are some photos from last weekend. I know, tomorrow evening a new weekend starts already but I wanted to share these summery pics with you 


At the pool

This weekend, there was a heat wave. The temperature was around 35°C and sometimes even warmer. If you know Belgium, you know that these temperatures aren't normal. With that weather, I was very happy that I could swim at my dad's place. Here are some photos from this weekend :) 



Look of the day : LBD, also known as the Little Black Dress. 
Every woman/girl should have at least one example in their closet. I think I have about 7 LBD's but this one is definitely the most casual one. Just a simple dress in A-line model. 
The sandals and bag have some studded and glitter details 
I hope you had a nice weekend! 


Pukkelpop pictures

Here are some photos of last Thursday when I was at Pukkelpop, a popular festival here in Belgium. 
I love going to festivals! There is always a special vibe, which you can't find somewhere else. 
It's also very nice to be united with the other people, people you don't know but you're all there for the same thing : the singers/bands and to have fun. 
Some of the artists I saw : Snoop Dogg, Bloc Party, Netsky, Sub focus, Flux Pavillion, Borgore, Dada Life, .. 
I had such a nice time, I can't wait until the next one :) 

Festival outfit

Thursday I went to Pukkelpop, a festival in Belgium and this is what I was wearing. 
A casual and comfortable look : a top, shorts and sneakers. 
Pictures soon ! 
What do you wear if you go to a festival? 


Beautytrend : white nailpolish

New trend in the beautyworld : white nails. 
I'm not such a fan of this beautytrend .. 
Do you think it's hot or not? 


Alexander Wang bag

Last week, I received my Alexander Wang duffle bag. I've asked you which colour to choose from studs, gold or silver, because I couldn't decide but after rethinking and rethinking, I chose for the golden studs. 
Do you think I made a good decision? 


Days like these

Since a few days, the sun is shining every day and the temperatures are really nice. On days like these, I don't to a lot. I just enjoy the sunshine and being outside without doing anything except for relaxing. And eating haha :) today I made a fruitsalad. Very delicious with this beautiful weather! 
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and will have a good week 


Last night's jewellery

Last night I had dinner with some friends and I decided to wear my new ring and my Hermes look-a-like collier de chien bracelet. I'm in love with gold :) 


Little old school bag

My outfit of today : a jeans, jumper, flats, gold jewellery and a little brown bag which looks a little bit like a school bag that my grandparents used to have when they were young. Fashion items always return! 
It's a real funny fact that I used this bag today because today I went to the university so I can start studying in September! I didn't realize that I used my 'school bag' while I was going to school/university. 
Coincidence? I don't think so. Foreboding? Yes I think. 


Ring of my dreams

If you're following me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BlondeButterflies you probably already saw this picture. I was already looking for this ring for 2 years and I finally found it on  Ebay so I ordered it and today the ring finally arrived ! I couldn't be happier with the ring :D 


Bulletproof - La Roux

Here is one of my favourite songs; I love the lyrics, the singer and I have some good memories about this song. I saw La Roux live when I went to my first festival, 3 years ago, and I totally loved it and did crazy on this song ! Tip : listen also to other songs from La Roux
Do you love this song as well? 


LV neverfull bag

The bag I've been using this weekend : Louis Vuitton neverfull bag. I'm so happy I bought this bag and I love it that the inside is pink :D 
Do you love this bag as well? Enjoy your Sunday evening ! 


Buy for less : 2 pair of shoes

In this post I'm going to talk to you about 2 pair of shoes which are beloved by lots of people :
- Chloé Suzanne studded ankle boot
-Alexander Mcqueen skull loafer
Do you know them ? I guess you do ! 
Because of the huge succes of these shoes, there are also more and more look-a-likes available in stores which have cheaper prices than the real ones so that 'everyone' can buy them. 
I'm a huge fan of the look-a-likes : it makes fashion 'musthaves' available for the people who don't have lots of money to buy the real ones. I buy also look-a-likes and I guess we're with many :) 
The look-a-likes from the Chloé studded ankle boot, are available in lots of different stores : Zara, Jeffrey Campbell, Sasha, .. 
The Alexander Mcqueen loafers with skull is available in Zara. 

Would you buy the real ones or the look-a-likes which are cheaper ? 


Monday pics

Last Monday, I had a lovely evening with some of my best friends. Just me and 5 other girls. 
We cooked and ate something togheter, chatted and laughed a lot and had a wonderful time ! 
What would you do without your friends?