A few days  ago, I had a birthdayparty from 2 friends and this is what I was wearing. I didn't realise it at the time, that I was dressed for 'this time of the year'. HALLOWEEN-TIME ! A friend of mine told me and actually she's right because the colours are so halloween. Do you like Halloween or not?



 I really love doing my nails in different kinds of colours and I really like to change them. I would do my nails in a differt colour everyday! I went to a friend, who's mum has a nail-studio, spa and other stuff. Now, we didn't let do our nails by her mum but we tried it out on each other while we were talking and gossiping. You can already guess, a real girls afternoon :) what are you without your girlfriends??

This was the result :)


Totally into skulls !

Since a few weeks, maybe months, I am totally into skulls! I really love them, not al, because sometimes it can be a little creepy but sometimes sooo fashionable. The problem is that I can't find something with skulls that I really like .. Do you know a shop or a trustable online shop where they sell beautiful skull-stuff ? Please let me know  & you will make my day:)


New spiky bracelet

The bracelet I ordered, finally arrived! :) I really love the spikes and the combination of gold and white. Most of the time, you see the combination of black and gold so, my bracelet is a little different ! I'm in love with it, do you like spikes and my bracelet ?


Grey ripped jeans

The last days, the sky was a little bit grey. So, grey days = grey outfit :) i really love the ripped jeans! But to be honest, i want it to be summer again!


Versace for H&M

In one month, on November the 17th, the collection of Versace for H&M will be sold! You can buy the collection in more dan 300 shops and online. I'm very excited and I would love to buy something of the collection. I hope, the collection will be as good as the collection last year of Lanvin for H&M. One of my favourite pieces of this collection is the black dress with studs. Are you also looking forward to the 17th of November?


My new ring

Here is my new ring, I won it :D thanks to Giorgia from Zurich !!!
soon I will do a post of all my rings, do you like rings as much as I do?


Studded All Stars

I want to buy studded All Stars but I don't know where I can buy them. Do you know a site where they sell them ?
Please, help me !!!