Romantic mint

Since the weather is absolutely amazing for this time of the year, 20° Celsius, it was the perfect day to wear my mint shirt. I didn't had the chance yet to wear it so I was very happy that I could wear it :) little bit of romantic jewellery : my ring and earrings.
I wanted to take more pictures of the details but ofcourse, my battery was empty. 



This is a V.I.P. : Very Important Post ! 
I really want these boots. I didn't know where they are from but some people told me that they are from Zara last year so know I can start searching! 
If you're busy with online shopping and you see these boots or boots like these in size 36/37/38 , 
please contact me. I'm obsessed with these boots, I need them in my life haha :) 
So .. don't forget to contact me 
Enjoy your the last day of the weekend tomorrow xoxo


Finally a new post

First of all : sorry it's been such a long time but it's my first year at university and everything is new to me so I still have to figure out how everything works. All I do is : eating, studying, going to classes, sleaping. I have not enough time! 
But today, I just had to take pictures for the blog. No matter what. So between the different rains, I took some photos. My outfit isn't that special but I love the lace on top. I've always loved lace so lucky me that lace is already a trend for a few seasons. And I really love my shoes too. My scarf has a special meaning to me : it's a souvenir from a holiday in France with my mum and there's a whole personal story about it. 
I hope I will have more time for the blog again and don't forget to follow me on Facebook where I will keep you updated : https://www.facebook.com/BlondeButterflies 



Outfit of the day : pretty casual with a little of glitter details. Glitter in my jumper and my shoees. 
Lately I'm totally into leather jackets so I'm wearing one again. It's just a perfect way to protect you to the first coldness after summer. 
But a parka would be nice too, I'm still searching for one. If you know where I can find a parka, let me know! 


Denim and pink

This is a look from last week, I guess it was on Wednesday but it doesn't really matter :) It had to be comfortable and not 'over the top' because it was just to go to university. I picked a denim shirt with a jeans, pink shoes and a extralarge big bag! Little extra : my love-necklace that I bought in London in January.