OUTFIT | Striped black

Another outfit from Rotterdam. It was the third day, Easter Sunday, and the weather was pretty good so I decided to change my leopard coat into a leather jacket. 
An all black outfit except for the white stripes on my jumper -dang, I searched very long for a jumper like this!-, the golden studs on my bag and the silver details on my jacket and shoes. Oh and let's not forget about that little golden detail on the side of my sunglasses, which I adore! I think that you'll be seeing me wearing them a lot.. 
I added the last photo for a funny touch because I was posing in the park and lots of people came by and my boyfriend doesn't like take pics in general, let alone when people come by. So what did I do? 
Act a bit crazy!

sunglasses : Asos // jumper : Only // jeans : H&M // sneakers : Ash // jacket : Only // bag : Modemusthaves //