WORDS | Take a chance

Every Monday I place a quote/some wise words here on the blog and it has always something to do with my life at the moment. This week i wasn't really inspired to be honest and so I had no idea which quote I would place. 
Yesterday I was busy pinning around, I saw this quote and I knew this had to be the one for today. Previously I had read some blogs who inspired me to experiment with some fashion related things and I already made a promise to myself that I would experiment with them, take a chance. 
Sometimes it is hard to take a chance because you don't know how it will turn out. But like the quote says, it can turn out perfect! And if it doesn't turn out that perfect, at least you tried! 
There is one thing that i find very important when it comes to taking changes and that is that you need to do it on your own tempo. 
I'd love to know how you feel about this so leave a comment with your opinion! 


OUTFIT | Khaki jeans

I totally forgot about these photos. They are from in Maastricht, almost 2 months ago already! 
Since it was the beginning of February, it was way colder than it is right now so that's why you see me wearing my wintercoat and booties etc. Wearing some of my favorite pieces -my leopard booties, Alexander Wang look-a-like bag and my black coat- I was ready to explore the city. 
It was the first time I wore these khaki jeans and honestly, I need to wear it more often because it is so comfortable! Of course it will be combined in other ways because spring and summer are on it's way so don't forget to follow my blog so you can see the other combinations. You can sta updated via Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram
Thanks for following! 



Pearls, one of the new trends in the fashion industry. 
Above you can see two of the most talked about pearl jewels from the past months : the Chanel pearl choker and the Dior front/back pearl earrings. 
Pearls are hot among the fashionista's right now. You can use them not only as decoration on yourself but also at home, on your clothes etc. so I've searched for some inspiration for you. 


WORDS | Sunglasses

In my opinion, sunglasses are (almost) always a good idea. In winter and in summer.The sky can be so clear that it blinds you or your eyes can make you look like a panda -think white skin with black eyes. 
Now that spring has officially arrived and summer is coming up, most of us will wear more and more sunnies. In my opinion, you can never have enough! (That's why I ordered a new pair yesterday ;) ) 
For sunglasses inspiration, take a look at this post


FASHION | What Does Your Denim Say About You? via Who What Wear

Denim. We all have it in our closets. Whether it is a pair of good jeans, a denim skirt, some overalls, a vest or even denim shoes, we all own at least one piece of this amazing fabric. 
Recently I read a post on Who What Wear with the title 'What Does Your Denim Say About You?'. Of course this was some kind of teaser and I was very curious to see what they had to say. 
Let's take a look... 


OUTFIT | Leather leggings

Tuesday night I had a girlsevening with some friends from university. The plan was just to eat something together and chill a little bit, so there was no special outfit required. 
I decided to wear my leather look leggings, a plain black tee from H&M, an oversized cardigan bought at Pimkie and my beloved Asos studded booties. 
I took some photos but they didn't work out well at all. This is the best one and I'm not happy with it because the leggings and cardigan aren't representing the reality. I am just showing you this because I found that it was time for another outfitpost -well, this isn't a post, just one photo but better this than nothing I guess? 
I'll try to find the time, the right light and a good location this weekend to shoot this outfit again.
Besides this, I don't have anything planned  for the weekend. What are your plans? Give me some inspo please! 


TRAVEL | Maastricht diary

In the beginning of February, I wrote that I wanted to go to a place where I don't know anybody (see this post) and so I did. I went on a little getaway with my mum to Maastricht, a city in the southeast of Holland. 
The reason we went to Maastricht and not somewhere else was because I gave my mum a gift voucher for her birthday to Maastricht for four days and three nights. The hotel was pretty basic, we had everything we needed but next time we would book another hotel because there are things that could be a lot better so I'm not going to give a recommendation. 
What did we do in Maastricht? We went there with the intention to go away for a few days from our daily life and have some mother-daughter quality time. Since it was just the two of us, we definitely had a good time strolling around the city, do a bit of shopping, go out for dinner, have talks about everything and nothing which of course included laughs! 
Conclusion of this trip : we had a nice time and I can't wait to go on another vacation with my mummy! 


WORDS | Thinking too much

Thinking too much equals overthinking and basically equals me. Yep, I think a lot. Way too much. About everything and nothing at the same time which sometimes leads to freaking out about nothing but 'that nothing' is a nightmare to me at that particular moment, which can cause misunderstandings. It is really frustrating because I want to be a bit more relaxed -not too relaxed because otherwise I wouldn't be 'Lyn' anymore since thinking is just a part of my personality. 
I'm sure I am not the only person with this problem. Some may think "are you really calling this a problem?!" Well, If it affects your life I think you can. 
To my fellow overthinkers, do you have any tips to become a chiller person? Or if you're a person who doesn't overthink, or if you're an extremely relaxed person, any tips please? 


NEW | 2 giveaways

VogueNL cover (September 2013) 

You may already know that I read a lot of blogs. When you're such a frequent blogreader like I am, you see a lot of blogs hosting giveaways from time to time. So when I read a blog and I see a giveaway that I like, I try my chance! And guess what.. In February I won two giveaways! 
The first thing I won was this fabulous necklace from ILY Couture in collaboration with blogger Trendique. It took a while for the package to arrive since it came from America but hey, no complaints about this beauty! 
A few days later I got an e-mail from Lian from the blog Fashion Hoax that I won a Colorswitch by choice. I couldn't be happier since I wanted a new Iphone-case, the more the better in my opinion! 
So here I am, with my two gifts. It made me think that I could also host a giveaway for you if you like! Let me know in the comments if you like this idea and also what type of giveaways you prefer :) 


WORDS | Everything by Kurt Vonnegut

There isn't much I can say about this, it says it pretty much all. All I have to say is that I like this dat of thinking for some reason. 
Have a nice week!


INSPIRATION | Sunglasses

I don't know what the weather is like in your country but it definitely looks like spring has arrived in Belgium! I am over excited that the sun is out most of the day and that the temperatures are higher! Sun equals sunglasses to me, I just adore them. You can never have too many sunglasses in my opinion! 
The collection above isn't mine, unfortunately. It is a part of Nicole Richie her sunglasses collection, pretty amazing right?! I'm planning to expand my collection so I can compete with her haha ;) 
Which type of sunnies do you prefer? 


OUTFIT | #TBT burgundy dress

If you are familiar with Instagram, you know what '#TBT' in this post's title means. For the people who don't have Instagram or aren't such an addict like me, it means ThrowBack Thursday. So the photo you share on a Thursday from a while ago, whether it's from a week ago or a month or even years, often goes along with #tbt. Since this outfit is from a while ago, Christmas eve to be exact (you can see the sneak peek here), the title of this post had to be hashtagged. 
I'm not very happy with the photos because of two reasons : the light is a bit weird because they are taken inside my house and I look extremely tired. 
But hey, it was a busy and stressful period with my exams and all the holiday parties. 
If you have any tips for indoor photos, please let me know! 


FASHION | Chanel A/W 2014

If you're a bit into fashion, you've probably already seen photos of the Chanel catwalk show which introduced the autumn/winter 2014 collection. 
Chanel always has something special about their decor but this time, Karl Lagerfeld and his team took it to another, even higher level : they transformed the catwalk into a Chanel supermarket! Crazy right? 
I find this such a great, cool idea that I just had to share it with you! (even if you've already seen it)
I'm not pretty sure about the clothes yet. I think I'm a bigger fan of the more sophisticated , classy collections but I'm not going to make my final opinion right now because I think that the clothes will look different in another environment. But the show definitely deserves a huge applause! 


WORDS | We crave..

I already had this quote in my mind to post today because it is true and last night this only got confirmed. As you may know, the Belgian movie The Broken Circle Breakdown was nominated in the category 'best non-English movie'. At first, it didn't do me this much to be honest and my plan was to not watch the Oscars -which I didn't!- but I followed the Oscars on Twitter, so that is actually pretty much the same since my feed was constantly filled with Oscar news! You can already guess that I didn't sleep very well until I knew if TBCBD won the Oscar or not. Our little country doesn't have an Oscar yet so we were craving for one, especially since it was the third time in a row that we were chosen. But guess what, third time good time? No way, not for us. We didn't win the Oscar and so I slept bad for about half of the night and for what? Nothing. Yup, I'm a bit in a grumpy mood. 
Now more about this quote : I don't really know how to feel about it. Good because we are always craving and so we have goals in our lives or not that good because it implicates that we are actually never really happy with what we want, we always want more. I would love to hear your opinion!