WORDS | Time

Today I woke up, looked at my phone and saw that it is the last day of June. Can you believe it?! 
Tomorrow we're the first of July and half of 2014 has already passed! I seriously can't believe it. 
When I think about it, it feels like a lot happened the past half year but at the same time I feel like nothing happened. Do you know that opposing feeling? 


OUTFIT | Printed trousers

Two weeks ago I was in Tunesia -I haven't told you guys this- and this is one of the outfits I wore for dinner. 
I don't think you've ever seen me with trousers like these before but these are so comfortable! Seriously, if I find a similar pair with the same fit in a nice color or print I will definitely buy one, or more. 
More holiday-outfits to come so stay updated via one of my social media channels :)


WORDS | Summer

Summer has officially started. Time to celebrate and enjoy my favorite season of the year! 


FASHION | Olivia Palermo for Westward Leaning

Olivia Palermo has been wearing Westward Leaning sunglasses since the start in 2012 so it's no surprise that Westward Leaning is very happy with this collaboration. They say they couldn't have asked for a more loyal or stylish informal brand ambassador. 
What OP says about the collab? " Westward Leaning sunglasses are effortlessly chic and flattering to just about any ensemble, which has made this collaboration a dream.". 
The collection exists out of eight pairs of sunglasses in WL's classic Wayfarer shape, all with the iconic "muted gold" reflective lenses. They all feature one of three distinct side materials, each laid at the temple : blackened red wood, teal sea glass or gold pieces. Westward Leaning their sunglasses, specifically the materials are always telling a story and this time it's no different. These three unique materials are inspired by Olivia's extensive travels and unique aesthetic perspective. 
All eight pairs cost $210, where every $10 is donated to ADCAM's Masaai Project, a charity near to OP her heart. 
Enough talking, let's take a look and perhaps buy a pair? You can never have too many plus they offer free worldwide shipping!
Oh, let me know which one has your preference! My favorite is the Saint Germain.

sources : Olivia Palermo // Westward Leaning // 


INSPIRATION | #mycalvins

A few months ago, I couldn't scroll trough my Instagram-feed without seeing a photo with the hashtag #mycalvins : a new hype was born. 
The first one I saw was from Kendall Jenner and since that moment on, more and more people -models, it-girls, fashionbloggers- showed off their CK underwear. 
These sets are pretty different from my usual underwear but I must say that I'm sold on the grey one! 
Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that this is a pretty good PR-stunt from Calvin Klein, no?


WORDS | Karl Lagerfeld about photographs

I really like the way mister Lagerfeld thinks about photographs. I actually completely agree with him. You can always try to retake a photo but there will always be something different. 
I'm so happy that I live in the time of all these different sorts of cameras so I can take a picture like I want and, very important, also a lot. To be honest, I couldn't live without my cameras anymore. But I have to admit that I love looking into photo albums with snapshots from the past. Some sort of nostalgia I guess.. Doesn't everyone likes a bit of nostalgia?


WORDS | Be kind

I don't know if I told you this but last year I followed a mindfulness 'course' of 8 weeks. I can not specifically say why I did this because it had multiple reasons. 
One of the things that always came back was "to be kind". Not only to others but also to yourself. 
Why am I writing this now? Last week my blogplanning didn't go as I had in mind and this week will probably also not go as I want. 
Being completely honest with you, it bothers me, a lot. When I think about it, I can get so angry at myself, while most of you probably didn't even realise it. So I need to keep saying to myself "Lyn, be kind to yourself.". 
And you should also be (more) kind to yourself (and others). 
PS : I already want to apologize if the blog won't be updated as planned this week. 


OUTFIT | Hippie

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen that I played 'hippie' with my little sister today. I don't really know why but suddenly we were hippies because of the headbands we made. 
Absolutely no hippie-outfit but hey, the headband does it, right?! 


INSPIRATION | Healthy food

For several months now I'm being bombarded on every social media channel with people who start doing sports, watch what they're eating, go to the gym, etc. And what was I doing? Sitting on the couch eating. 
Now that spring is almost over and summer is getting closer and closer every minute, I'm going to start eating healthier. (I know, it's about time) 
I think lots of us girls, and boys, can use some inspiration so I have some for you. For the recipes you can go to my Pinterest, to the board 'Food & drinks'. 
If you have any tips, recipes or good sites that can help me and others, please leave them in a comment below :) 
Let's start eating better, feeling better, looking better! 


WORDS | Change.. by Wayne Dyer

If these aren't words of wisdom, I really don't know anymore. 
Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I realize how true and meaningful this quote is. I completely agree with mister Dyer but it is -of course- so much easier said than done to change your vision, your perspective. 
We all have our norms and values who make us as an individual and that isn't something you can change in a second. It asks lots of courage, definitely when it's about something big/serious.
Don't we all have a vision that we 'need'/want to change? I know I do. 


BLOG | Weekly schedule

Hi lovelies, hopefully you had a great weekend! 
I have a schedule in my head for the blog and I thought it would be nice to share it with you so you know what to expect. 
For now, this is the plan : 
Monday will stay 'WORDS | -day'. I don't know if I will keep this category since I notice that it's the topic with the least reactions. I don't really know wjy; maybe you don't want to open up or maybe you just don't like these posts. Please tell me what it is so I know if I should keep writing these posts or better stop with them. 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I am going to try to post outfits. I am saying try because I'm not always able to take photos but then I will try to give you a sneak peek or something, like I did last week (see here). 
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I will write posts that belong to other categories like beauty, life, inspiration, shop, fashion, etcetera. 
What do you think of this schedule? Any tips and/or positive criticism regarding the blog is always welcome!