MUSIC | Kanye West projection

Last Sunday night, Kanye West promoted his new single 'New Slaves' by projecting it on different buildings in Ghent. Yes Ghent from little Belgium. 
Earlier, Mr. West already projected the new song with clip on buildings in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, ... 
There are still more projections to come in Birmingham, Amsterdam and Milan. 
Here is a little fragment from in Ghent. The quality isn't the best but I chose this one because you can also see the atmosphere around; seeing people getting together for the same reason : hear and see the new song of Kanye West. 


FASHION | Primark comes to Ghent

Big news for the fashionlovers in Belgium : Primark comes to Ghent! Right now, we only have one Primark in Luik but this is about 150km from where I live and the new one is only 8km from my place! I'm really excited about it but I think that my wallet won't be so happy. Time to already save a bit of money so I can go total loss in September 2014! 

QUOTE | Someday


DIARY | Instagram #4

It's been quite some time ago that I've given you an update of my Instagram so here I am with double as much photos than normal! If you want to follow me, I am @lyndesloovere 
#tgif // yummy // 
fringe sandals, on my wishlist // name necklace 

#tbt I love my little one so much // breakfast // 
love these coca-cola's // beautiful sky 

outfit details // goodnight kiss // 
haha // movie-tickets 

silver Zara bag on my wishlist // re-watching the very first episode of The Hills // 
ice-cream // #tbt strawberry daiquiri 

rings of the day // flowers // 
strawberries // everywhere I go I take a Vogue with me and my Vogue notebook

f*ck this weather // lovely chandelier // 
this would be awesome // my addiction : feta and olives 

Chanel flats for the night // sad face // 
searching for the right clothes // love my bun 

#tbt to Pukkelpop 2009 // reading an interview of Karl Lagerfeld // 
all black outfit and white sneakers // follow me on Twitter @lyndesloovere


OUTFIT | Denim jacket and pink

Hi my loves! Here is an outfit from when it was actually spring weather. I was wearing this ripped jeans and pink sweater but it was too cold to go outside like that so I had to wear a jacket. The question was : what jacket?! I looked in my closet, had a moment like "pffff I have no perfect jacket for this look" so I decided to take a look into my mum's closet. I saw the denim jacket and thought it would be great with it but I hesitated a little bit 'a denim jacket? Me?' but eventually I tried it on and from the first second I saw it in the mirror I knew it : my mum her denim jacket would also be my denim jacket from now on! 

Jacket : Mango // Sweater : H&M // Jeans : H&M // Flats : Scapa // 


DIARY | Communion

Here is a little diary from my sister's feast for her Holy Communion. Some pictures of the location, the chandelier which I absolutely adore and of course photos of  the highlight of the day : cutting off the head of the ice-lamb! 



While I am writing this, it's cold outside and raining like crazy. I think that the weather is a bit confused and thinks that it's fall. I really need sunshine! My mood depends on the weather, so dear spring/summer, could you please hurry up? (Not only for me but also for my family and friends ;) ) In the mean while, some pictures from the internet to dream about vacation and much better weather... 


OUTFIT | Cyan dress

This is my outfit of what I was wearing to the feast of my little sister her Communion. (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this dress already. You can follow me here)
I found it really hard to find a perfect outfit; in my opinion you can't wear a white outfit nor a black one when you're going to a Communion. And since I had 'nothing to wear' I had to go on a dress-hunt. After a while, I found this dress in the gorgeous colour cyan at Zara (it also has a baroque-print but you can't see it very well in the photos). 
It wasn't what I had in my mind but my dress turned out to be pretty popular among the guests. What do you think of this dress? 
P.S. : I actually wanted to wear heels but I didn't think that was a good idea because of all the little children who were at the feast. I could already see myself getting 'attacked' by one of them and fall ... It would be funny for the guests but no thank you ;) 

DRESS : Zara // EARRINGS : Six // SUNGLASSES : H&M // FLATS : Zara


LIFE | Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers in the world : HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! 
But especially to my sweet mum : you're the best. You're not only my mother, you're also my best friend. 
Everyday we laugh together, even in hard times. We have so much fun but we can also talk about serious stuff. I couldn't wish for a better mum and for a better mother-daughter-relationship. 
I love you Moedie!