Black and gold

Today I felt like black and gold so I created an outfit totally in black and gold. Even my nails are gold but I don't know if you can see it on the photos.. My boyfriend, Daan, took the pictures so I also have photos where I'm giving a kiss and a heart, love is so beautiful. Do you like my black and gold creation or not?


Chanel dream bag

You probably all know this bag by Chanel. It's one of their most famous items and I totally understand why. This bag is really my dream bag, if I could buy one, I would immediately buy it! It's such a classic bag with a nice touch of chains and you know, I'm in love with chains. Normally, I'm going to have a look a like within a few weeks, looking forword to it :) 
But I will always hope that one day, I can buy a real Chanel 2.55! Do you love this bag as much as I do? 


Grey denim shirt

Look of  the day: denim on denim. My mum and I decided to go to Terneuzen, a town in Holland and this is what I was wearing. A denim shirt and a jeans with some boots and a coat. The weather is becoming warmer but for me, it's still to cold .. I hope that I can wear my summer dresses and skirts soon ! 
P.S. : a bought a really nice t-shirt with Barbie on it, you'll soon see it on the blog :) 


Ponytail day

Today I woke up and I wanted to have a ponytail today. It's really crazy how you can wake up and suddenly have an idea for the day. So here are a few pictures with my ponytail. What are you doing today? I guess I'm going to chill today and maybe study some italian .. I'll let you know, enjoy your weekend :)


Cream coat

The look I was wearing two days ago, Blogger wasn't working so I had to install  a new program but now I'm back! :) Normally I always wear dark colors but this time they were lighter. A cream coat with a light jeans, just for a normal and casual day. Gosh, I'm so happy that my blog is working again! 


Leather pants

 My look of yesterday : a leather pants with a warm sweater because I still think it's too cold. Don't mind my skin, it's very pale so summer, please hurry up !


London purchases

One month ago I was in London. I finally found the time to take photos of all the things I bought in London.
Every time I think about it, I want to go back!
Which one is your favourite?


Happy Valentine's day

Goodmorning to all of you! Today is the 14th of February so today is .. VALENTINE'S DAY! To all the people who are in love with someone : enjoy your day togheter, eachother's company and tell your love how much you love him/her. But keep on your mind that you have to love eachother every day! To all the single people : also enjoy your day and give yourself a present. Don't forget that you will find your perfect love just when you aren't looking for it. (it happened to me as well) so now the question is, what are you going to do today and do you have a present/gift/surprise for the one you love?


Hermes collier de chien bracelet

Oh my god, the collier de chien bracelet from Hermes.. it's my dream bracelet! I'd love to have it, it represents my style. I'm totally in love with black and gold so this one is perfect for me. You like it?


Pied-de-poule in the snow

My outfit of a few days ago : a pied-de-poule cape, I love it that this print is back! It's very classy with the black and white. The pictures are looking funny because I didn't know that my mum was taken photos so they are spontaneous. What are you up for today?


Purchases of yesterday

Yesterday I went shopping and this are the things I bought. Sunglasses, t-shirt, jeans and flats. I saw also beautiful ankle boots with wedges in H&M but they hadn't any available in my size :( I'm hoping I'll find them in another store!
Sunglasses : H&M
T-shirt, jeans, flats : Zara


Name change!

A few minutes ago, I changed the name of the blog. 'My life as a blonde girl' was so predictable, it was so easy to know that it's about a girl with blonde hair so it was time to change the name. After thinking weeks about a nice name, I finally found the name : Blonde Butterflies. I'll explain it to you :
Blonde : my hair is blonde and I wouldn't changed it!
Butterflies : I'm going to talk to you about my passions, the things I love. And there it is, love. If you're in love, you're having butterflies and you're feeling good and happy. So, the things I'm talking you about, I love and they make me happy!
What do you think of the new name? :)
(soon I'll create a 'logo')


Let it snow

Since about a week, the weather is getting colder and colder. Until now we hadn't really have a winter in Belgium. But friday, winter and snow finally arrived! Because the temperature stays under 0° (yes, also by day) the snow stays. And as asual, snow makes the world a little bit more beautiful :) but if I have to choose between winter and summer, my choise is made very quickly! I love the summer with it's high temperatures so summer, please.. come back fast! What's the weather like in your country, also snow and cold?


Relax time

Reading a fashion book is the best time to relax.. Do you know good fashion books? I want to have a big collection :)