FASHION | LFW & MFW SS14 streetstyle

Here is the second part of some amazing streetstyle photos shot by Sara and Diego from the blog Collage Vintage. The photos I'm showing you today are from London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. You could already see some snapshots from New York Fashion Week in this post
Stay tuned for another inspiring streetstyle post from Paris Fashion Week! 


WORDS | Sweatpants by Karl Lagerfeld

A new week, a new quote that refers to (an aspect of) my life in one way or another. This time it is a quote from king Karl and I have a few things to say to him : 
I'm sorry mister Lagerfeld (or can I call you Karl?) but I really like sweatpants, definitely when I'm at home and I need to study. I want to be as comfortable as possible. But in a way, I can relate to what you say because during the exam period I have moments that I'm freaking out and feel like I'm losing control over my life. After saying this, I will make you happy and maybe a bit proud of me : tomorrow I have my final exam so after that, I will be wearing more 'normal' clothes again and less sweatpants. I'm not going to say that I'm never going to wear sweatpants at home anymore because then I would be lying to you. Now that I have been so honest, can I ask you, the king of fashion, a question? You've got me really curious.. Don't you ever wear sweatpants? Not even when it has a Chanel logo? 


WISH | Asos sold out

Last week I've placed an order on Asos but I couldn't get my hands on everything I wanted because they were sold out or weren't available in my size anymore. Am I the only one who checks the shop, in this case Asos, multiple times a day to see if the items you're craving for are for sale again? 
1. Asos Shirt Dress In Botanical Print
2. Pilgrim Gold Jewelled Ring 
3. Asos Necklace With Bullet
4. Asos Metallic Skull Jumper 
5. Costa Blanca Oversized Blazer 
6. Asos Jewel Earcuff Pack 
7. Asos Handcuff Ditsy Necklace 
8. Asos Large Face Slim Strap Watch 


WORDS | Worry

Like every Monday, I am here with some words for you. Sometimes the quotes are 'light' (the one from last week for example), funny or just inspiring but there are Mondays that this section is about true life, the real world. As you may know, I always choose some words that are referring to my life at the moment. By saying this I made it pretty clear that I'm worrying lately, I'm worrying a lot about loads of things. I'm not saying anything more about it because this blog is mostly for fun and I don't want to rumble. You may think now 'if she wants to keep her blog fun, then why is she posting this?' Well my dear readers, because life isn't all about fun and happiness! I worry and I am sure all of you do as well, so why not share a great interpretation of it? At least, I think this is a great interpretation/quote. I don't know about you so I would like to hear your opinion on this. Speak up -yes, also when you disagree- :) 


FASHION | NYFW SS14 streetstyle

With New York Fashion Week only two and a half weeks away, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some streetstyle photos from last September. 
Fashionweek is about showing the new collections and new trends, networking, showing your style to the world, etc. And is there a better way than looking at streetstyle snapshots to see topmodels, fashionistas, bloggers and maybe even your style icons their style? 
I'm sharing with you these amazing photos, shot by Sara -from the blog -Collage Vintage- and her Diego. 
I wanted to share these because mostly, if you're looking for streetstyle photos you'll go to blogs like The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Carolines Mode, etc. but Sara and Diego are really good in photography as well so I want you to know about them! 
I'm really excited to say that they will be snapping around the next fashionweeks as well! 


OUTFIT | Heels on Christmas

Here is a new outfit for you, my loves. Well, it isn't actually new since this is what I wore on Christmas day but you haven't seen it yet so that's what makes it a little bit new. 
Christmas is already a few weeks ago so let's say I'm fashionably late ;) 
I edited these photos in black and white because the lighting was very bad but seems like the editing didn't work out as well. I've put all the photos on the same black and white, yet there is such a difference in color! Plus another problem, the first photo after the jump break has some crazy pixel-thing going on. 
I don't understand at all why I am having these problems because on my camera and computer they look fine, it is just when I upload them that something changes.
 Anyone who has a clue/idea of what it could be? If you do, please leave a message and if you think you can help me, you can always send an e-mail to lyndesloovere@hotmail.com. 
Speaking of my e-mail, a few hours ago I received a very nice one. To be continued...


WORDS | Leopard by Jenna Lyons

If you know me a little, you know that this is a perfect quote for me ;) you can read a story about my leopard obsession in the post 'NEW | Leopard booties' from the 8th of this month. 
Have a nice week! 


FASHION | Lottie Moss

Uh ow, is topmodel Kate getting competition from her own family? Looks like it because her younger sister, Lottie Moss, posted a picture on Twitter where the whole world can see that she is featured under 'new faces' on the website of modelling agency Storms. 
Would this mean the end or the ... from Kate's carreer? Personally, I hope not because I just love her; her looks, the different looks in her eyes, her fabulous poses, her amazing style,.. You just see that she has the skills. Let's hope Kate gives her sissie some tips and maybe the world gets another supermodel?! I'm definitely already a fan of Lottie! Do you like her looks? 
You can find her on the site of Storms here


NEW | Leopard booties

After two years of constant searching for the perfect leopard booties, the hunt is finally over. I've finally found a pair that meets my requirements. 
Let me tell you the story.. About two years I ago I went shopping at Euralille in Lille, France. I was walking around the Mango shop and I saw amazing leopard boots : flat (if you follow me, you know that I don't often wear heels), short and a beautiful leopard print (there are so many different leo prints!). I tried them on and they fitted perfectly but my mum wasn't a fan and she said that I had already spend enough money. So I ended up not buying them, damn what a mistake! On the way home I couldn't stop thinking about them and before I realized it, I was searching like an addict for these booties or look-a-likes. Well, I've searched for such a long time and about 3 weeks ago these leopard booties, or should I say beauties?, from 3 Suisses arrived with as result a very happy me! You can find them here
Conclusion : if you really want something, don't stop until you have reached your goal! 


WORDS | 2014

It is the first Monday of 2014 so I thought it would make sense if I placed some words/quotes about 2014. 
The 3 underneath are really good ones in my opinion but I couldn't leave the one above, '2014 please be good'. I want that 2014 is a good year and I think we all want this, don't we? So 2014, you may start being good tomorrow by making me pass my exam of statistics ;) 
PS : All fingers crossed please at 14 o'clock in my time zone, which is UTC+1. Thank you! 


LIFE | Happy 2014

With a delay of a few days -due to fatigueness, celebrations and lots of studying- HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 
How was your New Year's Eve? I hope you all enjoyed it :) Mine wasn't too fancy but we had a good time and that is what matters! 
Where today's post is really about is that I want to wish you a year full of love, good health, friendship, and everything else that is very important to you. May your year be wonderful, in every single aspect of your life, and may your wishes and dreams come true! 
One of my wishes is that Blonde Butterflies keeps growing. I get so freaking happy when I see that there is a new comment, another like, a new follower, ... 
My point is that I am  very thankful for this all, I am thankful to have you! The blog wouldn't be the same without you and you make me very happy so I want to say a big, fat thank you to everyone who reads Blonde Butterflies, who leaves a comment, follows me on one (or more) of the social platforms, etc.