QUOTE | Monday

I saw this on Instagram and it was just too funny not to share it!

MUSIC | Wildest moments

Since a few days, this song of Jessie Ware is constantly in my head so I thought I'd share it with you ;) 
A song that is constant in your head calls an 'earworm', I had never heard of that word until 2 weeks ago! Did you ever heard of this word? I think it's a strange word.. 
Do you have an earworm? Please let me know yours so I can change mine ;) 


OUTFIT | First bikini

Last Wednesday and Thursday were the first two days of 2013 which you could actually call 'Spring-days'. With temperatures of 23 degrees and almost no wind it was perfect to wear a bikini and enjoy the sun!


SHOP | Asos midseason sale

Midseason sale at Asos, who doesn't love it? I guess most girls love it, including myself! 
There is also a tricky part about this : you're browsing trough the sale-items and you're thinking 'I'm already on the site, let's check out the other items too'. 
Yep, I also got in to this tricky part with the result that my wishlist incluids 3 items on sale and 7 not on sale.. 
Sounds familiar? 


INSPIRATION | Coachella weekend 2

Here I am again with a post with Coachella-outfits. The past weekend was weekend number two, so it was the last one. I think that most bloggers were there the first weekend, definitely the ones I am following on Instagram etc. because my social media wasn't such an overdose with Coachella pictures this time haha. 
I hope to be there too one day :) 
The pictures where there is no name with it, I got from Fashionmagazine. The pictures with name are from the bloggers themself. (I'm not 100% sure that these bloggers were at the second weekend, if not they were at weekend one) 

Stana Katic

Eat Sleep Wear

Haute Pink Pretty

Inside Am-lul's Closet


Thats Chic

The Neighboorhoud Watch


BLOG | Find me on Bloglovin!

For those of you who didn't know it yet : you can also follow me on Bloglovin. 
It's very easy to use : you log in/create an account, search for the blogs you like and follow them. 
Everytime you log in, you see a list with posts you haven't read yet of the blogs you follow, could it be any easier?! 
Don't forget to follow mine ;) 

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LIFE | Sister love

Two weeks from now, my sister will be doing her First Holy Communion. 
For a 7 year old girl that's a big thing and what does a little one associate with a something big? 
Yes, a celebration with lots of presents. 
Because she isn't "just" family but my little sister who I love with all my heart, I want to give her a special present. So my idea is to print a beautiful, recent photo of us two on a big canvas. 
I wanted the photos to be 'clean' and I also wanted to look like eachother as much as possible so that's why we're both wearing the same leggings (yes, they are exactly the same!) and a white top. Nothing too special because I want to make clear that it's just about us and our special band. 
Here are some photos of the sister-photoshoot, my favourites are the first (the one above) and the last one :) 
P.S. : she doesn't know that these photos were taking for her present, I told her that I wanted to have some beautiful photos of us to put in my room. So I didn't lie because I will also print some photos for myself! 


NEW | 'New' in

I want to share the secondhand stuff with you that I've bought the past few months. Some things I bought from friends, others from people I don't know. What is your opinion on secondhand stuff? 
I would love to hear it! 


INSPIRATION | Coachella weekend 1

If you're active in social media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/..) you definitely know that Coachella was the past weekend. Coachella seems like a 'special' festival to me : it's not only about the music but also about the outfits. Lots of fashionlovers went to Coachella so here are a few outfits from fashionista's. 
Which is your favourite? 
Could I Have That

Alexa Chung 

Alessandra Ambrosio

Leigh Lezark

Vera Balyura 

 Flashes of style

Kate Bosworth

Late Afternoon

Little Black Boots

 Native Fox

Peace Love Shea

Saucy Glossie

 Song of style

The Blonde Salad

The Chriselle Factor


QUOTE | Love

Since my 4th anniversary with Daan was Saturday, obviously this quote had to be about love. There are so many beautiful quotes about love, that I've chosen a few instead of one. Which is your favourite?