Heart ring

Here is the gift I got for Valentine's day from my love. I couldn't wish for another present, I wanted this ring already for so long! Happy me :)


Instagram #2

Some of my Instagram pictures from the past weeks! You can follow me @lyndesloovere
Have a lovely week xoxo


Sal photo diary

It's been a while that I've wrote a post about 'my life'. But I have an excuse : I went on a vacation and when I came back, semester number 2 started at university. 
But hey, I'm back so let's forget the rest. 
My vacation went to Sal, one of the 10 islands of Cape Verde, a group of islands before the coast of Senegal. Here is a little photo diary of my holiday, which was mainly about chilling, relaxing and enjoying the sun. 


Happy valentine

Happy valentine's day to everyone!
Yes, everyone. Also to the one's who are single.
Love isn't only in a relationship, it's also between friends and family. Love is everywhere!
What would we do without love? Who would we be without love?


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne.
 One of my favourite models at the moment and to be honest, one of my favourite models ever! She is so amazing ; beautiful face, beautiful body, different faces, awesome style, crazy, ... 
She's the face of so many brands : Chanel, Burberry, Zara, H&M, etc. 

Chanel painting

A few months ago, I bought this painting from somebody I know. She made it herself. I absolutely wanted to show you this painting because it represents me in some ways :
- the black and white represent my thoughts/decisions. With me, it's one way or the other
- the drops are representing my dark side. (In my eyes, everybody has one. No matter how happy/bubbly your personality)
- the chanel logo represents my passion for fashion and my love for the brand!
What do you think of this painting? Like it or not?


Last night, date night

Last night, I had a date with my boyfriend. He's leaving for vacation today so we won't see eachother for about 10 days..
Just a couple photos of last night to show you the dress I was wearing. Don't look at my face, the pics were taken after having dinner and I was already very tired.
Have a lovely weekend xx