WORDS | Chaos

Two days later than usual, read further to know the reason.. 
Lately, there is chaos everywhere : in my own life but also in the world. I'd like to take a moment to explain it to you and dig a bit deeper. 
The chaos in my own life is for obvious reason : the big move I told you last week about. I forgot how intense, hard and chaotic moving is. Packing, cleaning, what to keep, what to give or throw away, etcetera. I am completely exhausted from all this and the real move still has to happen! Luckily we know some strong men who are handy as well ;) By Tuesday I should be completely moved so still one more week of chaos to go. Afterwards I'm going to give myself the time to pack everything out and to decorate it the way I want to. 
About the chaos in the world.. I know that there is always a war/fight going on somewhere but last week all this mess hit me in the face again by the rampage of the MH17 plane, immediately followed by chaos in the Gaza area. It was a smack in the face, like I needed to be reminded about it. It's almost a week ago but I'm still shocked. I don't know anyone of the victims but my heart truly goes out to all the people who lost someone they loved because of the chaos/mess in this world, last week and every single other day. Like I wrote on my Instagram "Spread love, not hate." 
Hopefully, one day people will find peace in chaos.


WORDS | Move on

Like I said in yesterday's post, I've got some quite big news to announce. 
In about 10 days I'll live somewhere else; another house, a new space for myself, a different neighborhood,.. Pretty much everything will be different so I will move on from the house I live in right now. It's been a chapter of 7 years and very soon I'll turn the page. 
There are lots of feelings when it comes to moving (on) : happy, sad, relieved, stressed, excited,.. 
But all in all I am a Sagittarius and they are known as people who like changes from time to time. I'll let you know if it's true to my belief.
Let me know if you want to stay updated on the move! Plus tips are always welcome :)


LIFE | Instagram #10

Here I am again with an Instagram update. The photos are from May, June and half of July. 
You can follow me on Instagram at @lyndesloovere. 
More photos after the jump! 
PS : Got some big news tomorrow so make sure to check out the blog! 


FASHION | Kate Moss in all white?!

If you've seen some photos of her, no editorial or campaign photos but her daily life looks, you can't deny that she loves black. Most of her outfits are rather dark. That's why I was so 'shocked' when I stumbled upon this picture of her on Tumblr. 
Moss in a completely white look? I had never seen that before! (except on her wedding day) 
I must admit that I like it but I'm still more a fan of her usual black looks. 
Which outfits do you prefer on Kate, the black or the white ones? 


OUTFIT | Striped bodycon

Hi lovelies, another outfit from my holiday in Tunesia! I can't believe it's exactly one month ago that I left. Like I wrote last week, time can be/feel so different. I'm having this right now as well : I feel like I was just enjoying my holiday but on the other hand it's feels like months ago! 
Unfortunately I'm writing this from rainy Belgium, which sucks to say the least. But looking at these photos also makes me happy because this is an outfit I really like. Quite simple but I think it is because I've been looking for a black and white striped bodycon dress for so long and 3 days before I took off, I finally found it! Plus I could wear my beloved fringe sandals again. 


WORDS | Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a form of freedom, a quote by Kahlil Gibran. 
I have to say that I completely agree with him. I am one of the worst people I know in forgetting things, which can be a blessing or not. Often it isn't. It really isn't nice when you still know the reason of a fight when it's already a few years ago. Imagine that you're in the now and you're having an argument about something and your brain makes connections so that you remember the things from all these years ago. Automatically all the feelings that were there in the past, come above again -sometimes in other proportions, sometimes still as mad/angry/sad/disappointed/.. 
I really wish I could forget things more easily, my mind wouldn't be such a chaos and I would be more relaxed. 
Am I the only one dealing with this problem? If you know something that could help me with this, please let me know. It doesn't matter if you're also dealing with this or not, if you think you might know something, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.
P.S. : This quote is meant for people like me, who don't suffer from an illness like Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson, etc. My grandma has all three of them so I know how worse it is. Lots of strength and courage to everyone who has to deal with an illness like this and also to their beloved ones. 


INSPIRATION | Happy 4th!

Happy fourth of July to all my American readers! 
I hope you had a great day and I wish you a very nice weekend, enjoy the independence! 


OUTFIT | Peacock print

First of all : happy July everyone! June wasn't such a good month on different levels, incluiding the blog so let's hope that this month will be better. 
Over to the outfit right now. This is what I wore on the first day in Tunesia, when my mum and I decided to go take a look at the promenade. It was actually really nice to have a promenade at our hotel, it reminded me a bit of the Côte d'Azur with the only difference being in Tunesia instead of France. 
We were just taking some photos and suddenly a man came to us with a little turtle and a chameleon, no kidding! Since I am scared of almost all animals, I didn't touch them or something but I just quickly posed for  a photo with them, to run away pretty fast after we got the pic haha. 
And oh, I loved the benches on the promenade! The printed tiles are so beautiful, they reminded me a little bit of Barcelona :)
I think I'll leave you with this text because we already have Tunesia, France and Spain in this post. Plus I am watching the WorldCup game Belgium - USA right now and it's getting too much with all these countries from different continents ;)