Wedge sneakers

The hype of the wedge sneakers has already calmed down a little bit but a few weeks ago, I finally found a pair that I like. No, it aren't real Isabel Marants but I don't really care 'cause I like mine more. Because of the touch of snake-print, it makes the shoes a bit more girly. So I bought these sneakers, came home and I realised that I have a bag with almost exactly the same print! I was so happy when I found out haha :) 
Do you own a pair of wedge sneakers or isn't it really your thing? 


My wishlist

These are things I absolutely want, they are very high on my wishlist : 
- Céline bag, but I found a cheaper version on I want that musthave
- black leather look leggings from ModeMusthaves
- Prada baroque sunglasses, but I also found a cheaper version on ModeMusthaves
- white romantic bikini from Asos



My outfit of today : cobalt blue shorts! I love it to wear shorts with panties in fall/winter-time.
While most of the people are wearing a jeans, I'm wearing my bright shorts.
Let's chear up the weather by wearing (a touch of) colour :) 
I combined my shorts with marine blue panties, flats and coat. And with a white-marine blue striped shirt. 
To be honest : I had a little bit too cold .. 
But, everything (or almost) for fashion right? 



I'm going to talk to you about a new blog : Aliceroxy. 
The people behind the blog are Charlotte, who you can see behind me in the picture (that's why I decided to take this photo), and Daan, Charlotte 's boyfriend. 
I'm writing a post about this special blog because I know Charlotte for years now. She has always been a fashionista, even when other people said "urgh, that's ugly, she continued wearing it. She really has her own style and that's what I adore about her. 
Something else I want to say is that they are such a cute couple and the fact that they are having a blog togheter, means that they are interested in the same kind of things and that they are a good team! 
Don't hesitate to take a look at their blog : 


Cobalt blue

Finally, I have a little bit of time to write a post. The pictures aren't good, the lightening was bad but better something than nothing, right? This is a look from last week. As you can see I was wearing a cobalt blue jegging. I absolutely adore this colour! I matched it with marine blue. Guess it was all about blue.