Sunday night look

Last night wasn't a normal Sunday night. Normally I'm at Sunday night just at home or at my boyfriend's place but yesterday I went to a reunion. The reunion was with people from primary school. Some people I already hadn't seen for years so it was very nice to see them back! We had lots of fun and we already planned another reunion. This was the outfit I was wearing : black and bright blue. The weather is finally a little bit better (sometimes) so I didn't have to wear a coat :) 


18th birthday ring

Yes I know, my birthday is already 5 months ago but I just got my ring. I don't care that it's months "too late" because I wanted to wait until I saw a ring where it was love at first sight and I just really wanted to have it! And so now I found one, I think it's a little bit of a vintage style but most of all romantic, and what's better than getting a romantic ring for your 18th birthday from your boyfriend? 
I really love the ring, which is from Swarovski, and my boyfriend ofcourse. 
Thanks honey, I love you xxx 



Here is my collection of sunglasses. Yes, I've got a lot of sunglasses but I where them all. 
It's just a fashionable touch that can make or break your look. 
My favourite sunglasses : the big ones, which are your favourites?
Sunshine, please hurry up because I want to wear my sunglasses again! 


Black and red

Last night, I went to dinner at Godot (a bar/restaurant in Ghent) with some of my friends for the birthday of a  friend. Since the weather wasn't good, it was raining, I decided to wear black but I wanted to have a touch of colour so I wore a red top. I ate linguine with pesto, hmm it was delicious.. 



Mint : my colour of the moment. I had nothing in this colour until a few weeks ago and now I've got a jogging, nailpolish, bag, bracelet and top. (the top doesn't really seams mint but I can honestly say that it's mint, just a little bit lighter than the other stuff)
What's your opinion about the colour mint?
The last picture is just a picture of my from today


Kate Moss

One of my favourite style icons : KATE MOSS. I don't know why I like her so much but there can be a few reasons for it : 
-she 's a beautiful woman
-she has an amazing style
-she has different looks
-she shows that people aren't perfect (she has quit a reputation..) 

She 's married to Jamie Hince, the guitarist of the band The Kills. I can really understand why she's falling for him. He's a rockstar so a little bit of a bad guy and which woman doesn't like bad guys? 
An other important person in her life : her daughter Lila Grace (I think it's a beautiful name) I'm wondering if her daughter also would become a model? 

Now I'm wondering what you think of Kate Moss : hot or not? 


Inspiration of the day

I'm not feeling well last days so there aren't outfit-posts for the moment. But that doesn't mean that I don't want to get some inspiration for looks/outfits/make-up/... 
So I'm reading lot's of magazines. 
Which is your favourite magazine?


Pied-de-poule dress

Last Friday night I was wearing my pied-de-poule dress. I really love this print, I've got also a coat with this print which you have maybe already seen. This dress is from H&M and is still available, also in other colours like black and pink but my opinion is that a pied-de-poule print is the most beautiful in it's original way, black and white. 


Werelse for Mango Touch

Mango Touch has a new collection : Werelse for Mango Touch. Probably nothing special you think but it is special because the collection is designed by 3 bloggers! The 3 bloggers are Chiara Ferragni, Andy Torres and Carolina Engman. So if you're following them, you've probably already heared of this collection. 
My favourite ones? I would buy the whole black collection, the whole neon collection and from the silver collection : the slippers. What would you buy?
You can buy the collection on : 


Dinner with friends

Here is the outfit where I already showed you a preview from on Thursday. I wore this for a dinner with some of my friends on Tuesday. Grey shirt with some leather touches, grey ripped jeans, studded bracelet and studded boots. Litlle bit rock and roll. 
Have a nice weekend! 
P.S. : I couldn't take the picture outside because the weather is very strange. It rains, it stops raining, it rains again, it stops raining, .. I guess you know what I mean , unfortunately .. 


3 lovely years

Exactly 3 years ago, Daan and I gave our first kiss and since that moment on we are a couple. I cannot believe that we are already 3 years togheter, I was 15 when we became a couple! We've already been trough so much that I know how much we have at eachother, we can overcome every bad situation. Nothing or nobody can break us. There isn't a "me" and a "him", it's US.
 I really can't discribe how much he means to me and how much I love him. 
But there is one thing I can say : He 's the love of my life, my soulmate and my best friend. 



Preview of the post on Saturday : studs are completing the outfit, but you'll get to see the outfit Saturday
So keep on waiting and please follow my fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/BlondeButterflies


Black and silver

Look of Saturday : totally in black with silver touches and one touch of purple, which you'll see on the pictures. Pants, coat and turtleneck are from H&M, blazer with silver is from River Island, bought in London and my bag and shoes did I get from Daan, he 's such a sweetheart. And then the most special .. A ring which is a family-piece. Love it when you can where stuff that are already really old and from your family, so beautiful .. Family-pieces are so special.


In love with my new bag

Today, I went to the city with Daan but I wasn't planning on buying something. We were in a store and I saw this bag in this dark-mint colour that I really like lately. I took the bag and looked at the shape and then I saw the studs and as you know I love studs so I immediately fell in love with this bag ! 
Daan has some competition, haha :D 


Happy Easter

Picture of the day : yellow stuff because today it's Easters Day and when I think of Easter, I think of yellow. The funny part is, this yellow bag, bracelet and sandals I just found last week! The bag and the bracelet are from H&M and the sandals are from Essentiel. What are you going to do today? Maybe you will spend the day with family, maybe not but I really have to say one thing : enjoy the chocolate and the chocolate-eggs !
Hmmm, yummie ..  
P.S. : thanks to some friends who gave me a giftcard from Essentiel for my birthday last December


Sometimes it's all about the details

Yesterday I was wearing a relative simply outfit. Not all outfits have to be special, I also have my days of dressing me pretty casual, just like all the other people I guess. I still have to find the first person who always wants to be dressed up. But I had some details in my outfit : earrings, shoulder-details, nice shoes and a bag. Sometimes, details are all you need, a thing to always remember.


Happy birthday to my boy !

Today it's Daan (my boyfriend) his birthday, he's turning 19 today. So this picture is for him : a big kiss to you my love, happy birthday & I love you 
P.S : also a happy birthday to his twin brother, Michiel


Black and white with Barbie

Outfit of a few days ago : totally black and white with a special T-shirt from Barbie. I saw this shirt and I just had to buy it ! Don't look and mind my face on the pictures underneath, the light was too bright and I had a bad face day haha :) 


Peplum trend

One of the trend for this season : the peplum skirt. The first time I saw it, I immediately loved this trend. It gives something special to your skirt, if you're wearing it you will be dressed different than most of the people. Do you like this peplum trend? 


New Asos pumps

Some of you already know that I ordered new pumps on Asos. And this week they arrived :) I'm really happy with them but they are very high! Also the colour isn't like Asos showed it on their site but I don't care because I like them. What do you think of my new pumps? 
P.S. : Asos is a very good site to order something, you don't have to pay the costs for sending them to your home :) (which is exceptional for ordering online)