OUTFIT | Sequined jumper

First of all : sorry for the lack of outfitposts; there was always something : I had "nothing to wear", it was raining, there was nobody to take photos, etc. But now I'm here again :) I wore this outfit past Tuesday to go to uni. Nothing very special but still some sparkles. The funny thing is, I realized afterwards that I wore this sequined jumper also in the beginning of the past academic year, you can see it here.
A sort of telepathy with my own brain? 

jumper : River Island // jeans : H&M // flats : Naf Naf // bag : I Want That Musthave // glasses : Gucci // 


FASHION | Thé coolest designerbrand

According to the Coolbrands list, there can only be one brand called as the coolest. And guess which fashion brand is the winner? Chanel! I completely agree : set up in 1909 and since that moment on, the brand only started to grow. It's amazing how many iconic pieces they have : from shoes to jackets, from bags to perfume. 
Is there something Chanel doesn't have?! 
Would Karl, well known for his straight look (black suit and sunglasses) and straight face, be doing a little dance of joy? If he does a little dance, I would love to see it haha ;) 
For more Chanel inspiration, check out this post.

FASHION | Isabel Marant for H&M preview

If you read lots of fashionblogs, it's possible that you have already seen (a few) of these looks. 
What are these looks exactly? They are a preview of the lookbook of the collection from Isabel Marant for H&M! 
I must say that I am pretty surprised by the clothes; you can really see that the designer is Isabel Marant, there are some details (like the black stitches on the side of the white pants) and pieces (the boots) which remind me instantly of her designs. 
I have 3 favorites : the black leather pants, the booties and the blouse -how sexy is this deep V-neck?! 
Are you excited about the collection? 
PS : since a lot of blogs are writing about this preview, I will do another fashion post today and tomorrow I'm going to shoot outfits :)


WORDS | Emotionally ready?

Today is the first day of a new academic year. I told you in last weeks post that (almost) everything is going to change so I'm having lots of nerves and I don't know if I'm ready.. 
In the beginning, the first few weeks I guess, I will have to adjust and get used to the fact that things are different but after that adjustment period, it will be okay and feel like it's been like this forever. 
Last week I was way more nervous than I am now. I still am but I can handle them haha ;)
In the end, life is full of changes! It's not always nice but we just have to find a way to make it; and WE WILL MAKE IT! 


WISH | Ryan Storer earcuff

The first time I saw this gorgeous earcuff was on the blog Vivaluxury by Annabelle Fleur. I was immediately amazed by this statement piece and I fell in love ... She had post a link to the site of Ryan Storer , the designer of this earcuff. I was beyond excited and went to straight to the site but when I saw the price, my face went from happy to sad. This earcuff is $290. Yes, it's an amazing piece of jewelry but it's not really in my budget. While I keep dreaming of this one (I also entered a giveaway so there is still a bit hope; cross your fingers please!), I've searched for some other cool and more affordable earcuffs. 
Here is a selection. Do you like earcuffs or aren't they your cup of tea? 

snake earcuff : Asos // spiked punch earcuff : ShoeDazzle // leaf earcuff : Asos // rainbow earcuff : Asos // metal stone earcuff : BCBG // jeweled right earcuff : BCBG //    


MUSIC | Bulletproof - La Roux

The weather here in Belgium is very sad : a grey sky and rain. So I thought to share a song with you that always makes me happy. I have very good memories of this song : in 2009, when this song was released, I went to Pukkelpop (a Belgian festival) and since I was crazy about this song I had to see La Roux.
So I went to the tent when it was their time to play and I waited, and waited... It was almost time for the next band to come and play when suddenly, as the last song of their concert they started singing Bulletproof. I went absolutely crazy and their was such a great vibe! Every time I think about it I'm still getting a smile on my face :) 


WORDS | Change by Socrates

Lots of changes are coming up : a new academic year will start in a week and the classes are going to be different, other people, etc. Everything is going to change for me at university, except for the main thing : I will still be studying psychology. As a psychology student you also have a philosophy class and you have to learn a lot about Socrates, that's why I chose his words about change. It's the perfect choice for what's going on in my life right now and I'm definitely going to use his good advice. Any changes coming up in your life? 


FASHION | NYFW SS14 favorites

Ralph Lauren

NYFW is over and LFW has already started. Time to show you some of my favorites from different shows during New York Fashion Week. Do you have a favorite? Or more? 


BEAUTY | White nails

If you follow me on Instagram (@lyndesloovere) it's possible that you've already seen that I painted my nails white. About a year ago, when white nails were becoming a hype, I wrote a first post about them and I remember that I tought they looked like Tipp-Ex nails. When I look at them I still think about Tipp-Ex but I'm already getting used to it and I actually like it. What do you think about white nails? 
Have a lovely weekend! xx


FASHION | September 5th

I think you can say that September 5th is one of the biggest days in fashionland in 2013 : New York Fashion Week is kicking off the International fashion-week-season  (I know that some countries already had there fashionweek but I'm talking about the biggest ones; NYFW, LFW, PFW,etc.), I can't wait to see photos of the shows and photos of the fashionista's going to them. Second thing that makes today special : the fall/winter collection from H&M is available in stores and online from today! Most people are really excited about this collection and couldn't wait to go to a H&M-store and buy new things. I've heard some stories that the collection would already be sold out in some stores so if you really want something, you gotta hurry! For more info about the H&M autumn/winter collection, check my previous post :) 


FASHION | H&M A/W 2013-2014

My favorite look from the H&M Autumn/Winter collection 2013-2014 shown in Paris. 
You might already have seen (parts of) the collection on other blogs or fashionsites but I wanted  to wait a bit. 
Why now?
Because the collection will be available in stores from September the 5th, yes in 2 days! And by now, some bloggers have already worn some pieces of this collection so I can show you some of their looks so you have even more inspiration to style these fabulous pieces. 
Is this collection something for you? Shout out your opinions! 

 H&M Autumn/Winter 2013-2014


WORDS | Happiness

Everybody is always talking about happiness. But what is happiness exactly? 
Perhaps not everyone will agree but for me, the definition above is a pretty good description of 'happiness'. 
Do you agree or do you have another opinion?