I don't think that I have already talk to you about Fashiolista. Maybe you know the site, maybe you don't. If you love fashion, you will definitely love the site as much as I do. If you see something you like, you have to click on the 'love-button' and then people can see what you're style is and what kind of things you like. But first of all, you have to make a profil, ofcourse. I'm on Fashiolista since last summer and I really like it. It's a nice way to be busy with fashion and you can also comment on other people's profile. The things that I do the most on Fashiolista is : loving things (by clicking on the love-button) and talk to people about my blog and my fanpage on Facebook so I can spread it to fashionlovers. If you also have a blog, you can send an e-mail to Fashiolista that you have a blog and then they are putting you in their database. I already wrote an e-mail and they are very kind and friendly. 

Fashiolista site : http://www.fashiolista.com/


Lovely sunshine

Today, my boyfriend came and the sun is shining all day so we decided to lay in the sun for tanning, relaxing, chilling and enjoying eachothers company. Really love this weather, so you can lay outside in the garden in your bikini and just relax and feel the sun burning on your skin.. Unfortunately, the weather is going to change but let's hope not! 



Lately, I'm totally into secondhand. I bought 2 things which are secondhand. A bracelet and a blazer. But I didn't bought them in a secondhand shop but online. Last weekend I went to a secondhand shop, it was my first time in one, but I didn't find anything. I really want to go to more secondhand shops!
What do you think about secondhand : hot or not? 


Dutch fashionbible

Since a week (I guess) we have VOGUE for the Netherlands and Belgium, FINALLY! Almost every other country had his own Vogue but we didn't and now we do and I'm very happy with it and proud on it. Yesterday was  the perfect day to read in the first Vigue issue for Belgium and Holland. Laying in the sun, tanning a little bit (it was still too cold for me to wear a bikini) and reading Vogue, hmm I love sunny days and Vogue, the ultimate fashionbible 


Flowers on top

 One of the musthaves for this summer : clothes with flowers on it! You can create outfits with flowers which are classy, bohomien or just some touches of flowers. Yesterday I chose for a jeans from PIECES a flower shirt from H&M (from last summer) the temperature is getting higher so girls -and boys- flower up your warm days :) 
PS : some of the pictures are a little bit crazy because I took them with Daan, my lover 


Late Valentine's present

This is the present I got from my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I got it last Friday because he ordered it online so we had to wait for a few weeks.. But I don't care that I had to wait because now I've got the bag I wanted, ofcourse with chains (see the post of Wednesday the 21st of March) I gave him a perfume. 
I know it's a little bit late but what did you give or do for Valentine's Day? 



This is look I wore a few days ago. The weather was about 10° Celcius so it was too could to wear no vest/coat or something like that. But I didn't really care because I was happy that I could wear my trenchcoat again, it was a long time ago. Today, the weather is nice, it's about 18° so spring is finally in the country :) 
Looking forward to wear dresses and skirts without thights! 


In love with chains

You need to know this about me : I really really really love chains. They are classy but also a little bit retro. I've got lots of bags with chains but I also have clothes with chains on it. 
I don't know why I love them so much but I can honestly say : 
I'm a chain-lover and I am proud of it! 


100th post !

Today, the 19th of March, I'm writing my 100th post. I really can't believe it that I've already wrote 99 posts. Thanks for following me and reading my posts. Please talk about my blog to your friends and family so they can follow me too :) 
Big kiss to all my followers! (the photo was taking when I just was awake, you can see, haha) 



My country, Belgium, is still a bit in shock about what happened last Tuesday-night. I'm talking about the bus crash in Sierre, Switzerland. It's really horrible what happened there. In one day, we've lost 22 children and 6 adults and there are still some children who's life is still in danger. If I see the pictures or I hear stories, I'm already getting tears in my eyes and I start crying and I don't know any of the victims. I really can't image which pain the family of the victims have. 
All my strength is going out to the families and also to everyone who has ever lost someone they love. 
Rest In Peace 


Navy blue

Since a few days, the sun is shining so the temperatures are higher, finally! I had to dress comfortable because I played with my sister :) she's leaving this evening to Italy for a ski-trip. Hope she will have lots of fun but be careful! 
Is the weather becoming better in your country? Hope so for you (if you're such a sunshine-lover as me!)


Turkey in June

My mum and I decided to go to Turkey in June but we hadn't booked our trip yet. Yesterday, my mum went to the travel agency and yes, our trip is booked! We're going to Turkey for 10 days :) I can't wait until I'm laying in the sun by the pool with a cocktail in my hand, hmm, already dreaming of it.. I'm so excited! Haha, this reminds me of a song of the Pointer Sisters : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-LbvFckptY&ob=av2e


Man Ray

Yesterday night I saw some of my friends and one of my best friends showed me this picture. I found the picture immediately stunning. It's such  a raw photo.. So I asked her about the photographer-Man Ray- and I've searched for other beautiful pictures. The one above is still my favourite, which is your favourite? 


Bright blue tights

This is what I was wearing yesterday. I felt like black and grey but I wanted to have a touch of colour in my look since spring is getting closer and closer. So I decided to wear a black dress with a grey sweater, leather jacket and ofcourse my bright blue panties! Do you like tights in colours? 
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Gaultier & Coca Cola

For all the fashionlovers who live to drink coke -and especially diet coke/light coke- there is some exciting news. Jean Paul Gaultier is going to design some prints for the bottles. The bottles will be inspired on previous creations of the designer. 
It's always nice to have a more special bottle than a normal one, love limiteed editions :) 


Marni for H&M

Today, the collection of Marni for H&M is available in the H&M-stores! I guess lots of people are happy and want to buy something of this collection. I'm not one of those people. Yes, the collection is beautiful but it's not really something I would wear so I'm not going to wait in line houres before the stores are opening. Would you wait in line for this collection? Tell me what you think about it 


For the Belgian people

This is a post for the people who live in Belgium. I'm sorry to all the other ones! Since I love to buy clothes and I have way too many, I started an online shop on Facebook. The name of the shop is onLYNe shop, referring to my name. You would do me a huge favour by taking a look and buying something :) 


Camel dress

 Yesterday evening I went to ate at a restaurant and I decided to wear a camel dress from Zara. Actually my whole outfit was from Zara. What did you do? 


After bath

After having a bath, I got an idea for taking some crazy pictures. They are not like usual, with an outfit but just me doing my hair. The last picture is my favourite one, which is your favourite? 


Dream of last night

First post of March is very different comparing to the other ones. This post is about what I dreamed last night, it was a crazy, nice and lovely dream! I dreamed that someone, who's working in the fashionindustry, discovered my blog and was really excited about it and offered me a job. The job was to write each day of the week a post for a fashionsite. I woke up and I was really happy. This is really a dream that hopefully will come true! If you have an idea to make my dream come true or if you know someone, please let me know :) 
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