LIFE | #7things week 3

Here I am with my 3rd Sunday post already! I still need to get used to these posts as in taking better photos (for the whole blog actually..) and keeping my eyes open to make sure I can give you 7 things about my week. I hope I'll become as good as Magdalena, I just love hers! 

#GETTINGREADY : Saturday evening it was time to catch up with one of my friends. We went out for dinner so I dressed up a little and of course some make-up couldn't miss. 


LIFE | #7things week 2

#JESUISCHARLIE : This horror didn't have an immediate impact on my life but it is so cruel what happened that it is only normal to give it that extra bit of attention. My thoughts and heart go out to the victims and their loved ones. Lots of strength to everyone who has been affected by this. <3 


Je Suis Charlie

The reason I didn't blog like planned is because of what happened/is happening in Paris.
 I honestly got no words for this tragedy.. 
All my thoughts go out to the victims and their families and friends. 


WORDS | Overthinking

A while ago I decided to stop with my weekly words-posts because there wasn't that much interaction. The new idea was that I was just going to post a quote when I felt like it and when it was relatable to my life. Well, now it's that time. If you want to know why, read on. 


INSPIRATION | Winter fashion

When we enter a new year, I'm always looking forward to spring because we're already dealing so long with the cold, rain and darkness. Although the cold hasn't been that bad this winter so far, I'm craving sunshine and higher temperatures. 
Unfortunately we still got some winter time ahead of us so I looked up some outfits that go from LA winter dressing to the winters I'm used to. 
Let's make the best of it!