WORDS | "To live a creative life.." by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Let's think and talk about these wise words from Joseph Chilton Pearce, an American author. 
I completely agree with him and let me tell you why. Blogging is a way of expressing your creativaty but you may have noticed that I'm not posting that many articles and definitely not a lot of outfits, where this blog was/is actually about. There are multiple reasons for that but one of the biggest reasons is that I'm scared. 
There, I said it. I am scared. 
I'm scared that you won't like what I post, that you're going to unfollow me, that my post doesn't get enough comments and/or pageviews, my photo on Instagram doesn't get enough likes, etc. 
This may sound superficial, and in a way it is -I realize that-, and strange to some of you but I'm only human as well. I am just as human as every single one of my readers and I have also fears and insecurities. 
If you have any idea how I could be able to handle these fears and insecurities more, every tip is welcome because I want to be a good blogger. What did I just say? A good blogger? I want to be a great blogger! 
Don't be afraid to share your experiences, blogger or not, because we can all learn from each other. 
Please don't judge me by this little piece I wrote because I am just being honest with you, my readers. 
Thank you. 


  1. Loving this… outstanding words
    kisses from Miami,

  2. You have right dear! No fear!

  3. It's quite true, thanks for your sharing!
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  4. oh dear, this is such a great post! that quote is moving. i get that kind of insecurities too, but i always remind myself not to because i would lose myself in the process of pleasing others, which defeats the whole purpose of my blogging in the first place. let me tell you that i'm new at your blog, but i think you are a wonderful person, considering your genuineness in this post. so don't worry so much my dear! :)

  5. Thanks for these words. ;)
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  6. I totally agree with this quote, because when it comes to creativity there are no rights or wrongs!
    I know what you are feeling. It took me a lot of courage to start my blog. I was going back and forth about the decision for months- I knew I wanted to have a blog/my personal space that I could share with same minded people, but, honestly, I was so afraid of not being good enough ( there are so many great blogs out there). Even when I started my blog only few of my closest people knew about it, because I was afraid that people would not get me or even worse- make fun of me.
    I just don't know- over time I somehow got over it, I became more confident as a person and I think it definitely showed in my blog as well. I got more experienced in blog related things (photography, photo editing, html coding etc), which I did by a lot of research and tutorials. And I grew a thicker skin- I have not been bullied on my blog, but once I did receive a really nasty comment on my blog which at first really hurt me (why would somebody be so mean?), but I soon got over it, since I don't want other people's negativity affect my life.
    I am still not like advertising my blog to people I am meet every day, but if they ask I surely talk about my blog and I have never ever received anything negative from them regarding my blog- I have always received the kindest words about it and it only encourages me to continue!
    My advice is not to give up, you have to try in order to succeed, right? I will definitely soon wait for more articles and outfit posts! :)

    Wow that was a long comment! I think I just wanted to speak my mind and encourage you! :)