WORDS | Work/play

Finding the balance between working and playing is never easy but lately I'm even more struggling with it. The reason why is pretty clear : in a week my finals start so I have to study study study (=work) but actually all I wanna do is party (=play), especially in this holiday period. When I look at this picture, it is pretty clear to me that 'work' prevails 'play'. I don't know whether this is because of the circumstances, that my brain is so focused on working, or that everyone is seeing the same as me?


INSPIRATION | Day- and nightdreaming

You know that I have finals in January so I have to study, a lot. But when I'm studying I can't stop dreaming about beautiful, warm places! And it is not only when I'm studying, also when I'm sleeping I dream about being on vacation! I would do anything in the world right now to be the girl in the picture above. I'm not asking for much; just give me a sun that shines so bright that the temperatures are hot hot hot, a sea with lots of different tones of blue and a white beach.. If the sea and the beach aren't possible, a pool is also good for me! 


SHOP | Net-a-porter sale

Christmas is all about having a great time with the ones you love, food and presents. Net-a-porter understands this special spirit, wishes us Happy Holidays and they are making this time of the year even better : they started a sale today up to -50%! I know that it is a little bit late for a Christmas gift but do you really need Christmas as a reason to buy something for yourself or someone else? No! I think it is very nice if you get a present when you don't expect it. Don't you agree? 

OUTFIT | Merry Christmas preview

While I am writing this it is about 1am and I'm just laying in my bed after a cosy Christmas evening with my boyfriend and his family. 
My plan was to write a post yesterday but because of studying and the Christmas spirit, I didn't get to it. 
That's why I want to show you right now one photo where you can see a little bit of my outfit & accessoiries I wore and a duck-kiss to wish you a Merry Christmas! 


WORDS | Knowing and understanding

There are lots of people who don't know or understand that there is a difference between knowing and understanding. This is actually very sad, especially in real life situations because in real life it is extremely important to know and understand this difference. What's your opinion about this? 
PS : I don't think I have ever used this much 'know', 'understand' and 'difference' in such a short text haha :)



The holiday season pretty much arrived so I think it is the right time for some jewelry inspiration. 
Jewelry is so versitale : gold or silver or colors, simple or bold, clean or extravagance, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, feet jewels, .. Anything is possible! 
Just remember one thing : your jewels can make or break your outfit! 

Pinterest : Camille Charriere, Julia S., Vicky Heiler, Lauren Young, Sté, Chaunsey Trash, V.A.S., The Blab, Style Addict, Caroline Morehead, Czech Chicks, Sylvia Haghjoo // Instagram : We Wore What, Late Afternoon, Sincerely Jules, They All Hate Us // Happily Grey // DylanLex // The Blonde Salad // Viva Luxury Blog // Fashionsalade // 


OUTFIT | Birthday dress

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 20th birthday with some friends from university. We were with seven girls and three of us (incluiding me) had their birthday that week! Time for us do have a little 'girlsparty' at my home. This basically means that we chatted about everything & nothing, drank our favorite cava  and ate snacks all night. Big thanks to my mummy for making the snacks, you're the sweetest :)
Now a bit about my outfit.. We planned to dress up since it was pretty special, 3 birthdays remember, so we all put on a dress and heels, which some of us threw away quickly since we just wanted to have a fun, cosy and comfortable night.
A week before, I had a little dress-crisis with thoughts going trough my head like crazy "They have already seen me in this dress so I can not wear this dress again, this dress is absolutely a no-no for that night, no this dress I don't want to wear, etc." With as result "OMG, I have absolutely nothing to wear!" Recognize this? ;) 
Before I knew, I was going trough all the dresses on Asos and found this one from New Look. I immediately liked it because it is black  -duhhh-, has a mesh neckline and it has a peplum. I've always wanted something with a peplum but never found something that I liked and suited me at the same time.
Four days after ordering this dress (and a jeans and a top), my package arrived. I tried on the dress and yes, I knew I made the right choice! 
Conclusion of the whole evening : we all felt comfortable, cosy and happy. We could all go to sleep with a smile on our face, I know I did :) and I can not wait to see my girlfriends again after our exams! 

My lovely friends, if you're reading this : I am so happy that we met eachother last year and I love you all!
PS : I still have some more detailed photos to show you but my computer/internet is acting very strange, I'm afraid there is a virus or something.. I'm sorry, 'll try to fix it asap!


FASHION | Rihanna for Balmain

Rihanna, RiRi for friends, is the new face of the summer collection for Balmain. I love Balmain and in my opinion, the first photos of this campaign are great. Look at those fierce eyes! 
& you : a fan of Balmain and/or this bad girl or not? 


WORDS | Pajamas

Past Friday was my last class at university until the half of February. Vacation? No, unfortunately not. This period of time is time to study for your exams and to make them. My first exam is on the 7th of January and the last one on the 28th. This basically means that I'm going to live in pajamas and joggings for 1,5 month. There will be a few exceptions : Christmas, New Year and the days I have to go to uni for my exams. I look forward to wear comfortable clothes all the time but I think that by the end, I will be very happy that I can rediscover my closet again! 
Do you also study in pj's/joggers? Or is their another time that you constantly live in comfortable clothes? 
To everyone who has exams : good luck! 


WISH | Zara marble print blouse

More and more we get to see clothes and accessoiries with marble prints and I admit that I love it. This Zara blouse was already on my wishlist and after seeing some bloggers wearing the shirt, I know I have to have it! 

left : Fashionvibe // right : Mink and Ivory


FASHION | New Chanel face

We've already had actrices like Blake Lively, Keira Knightley and Diane Kruger as face for one of the Chanel collections. New collection means new face. For his new collection, Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas, Karl chose Kristen Stewart. I don't really know what to think about this choice because I'm not such a fan of Kristen (sorry for the ones who are) and I don't associate her with Chanel.. All I can do is hope that she's more excited about this campaign than her face shows. 
What do you think about Karl's choice? 


WORDS | Wake me up when..

If you follow me, you know that I'm absolutely no fan of winter. I just hate the cold. As if winter isn't hard enough, the exams are also here. Well, my first exam is the 7th of January but I have almost no classes anymore right now because it is 'study-time'. 
Going to bed and waking up when the weather is warmer, exams are over, etc. sounds like music in my ears! Anyone else? 


SHOP | Asos 20% discountcode

I had no special plans for the weekend but yesterday I received an e-mail from Asos saying that they are having a discountcode for the whole weekend. 20% off on everything (yes, everything!) until Monday morning! All you have to do is enter the code 'WKEND20', easy peasy right? Have fun shopping! 


Time to drink champagne and dance on the table

Today is the day that I'm no longer a teen anymore because I'm turning 20 today! A pretty important birthday if you ask me so it is time to drink champagne and dance on the table! 
PS : outfitpost will come later 
20 big kisses !!! 


WISH | December wishlist

December is thé party month of the year and for me even more than for others because it's my birthday on the 5th (yes tomorrow)! 
It is not easy to buy a present for me because I'm pretty picky so I thought it would be useful if I made a wishlist : 
Kenzo Iphone 5 Case 
Bip and Bop Sweethearts Necklace Gold (but with the letters D and L of course)
Chloé Eau de Parfum 

So friends and family, if you don't have a present yet, run to the store or order online because this year you don't have the excuse "I didn't know what to buy!" haha ;)


WORDS | December

This may be the 'definition' of December but what I am wondering : is this also what December means to you