WORDS | Remember why..

Once and a while it is important to think about why you started. Whether it is about school, your job, a hobby, ... 
A while ago I thought about why I started this blog. Is it just as a hobby, do I want to become more professional, how much do I want to post, etc. 
Initially I started the blog to show my outfits to the world as main subject with from time to time another post. Since months it is completely the opposite : I post way more about other topics than my outfits. In fact, a personal outfit is pretty rare lately. That wasn't the plan when I started Blonde Butterflies. Of course plans can change but my plan hasn't changed. 
So.. what am I going to do? First of all I'm going to post a lot more, starting with writing an article every day this week. Second, I'm going to try my best to make more outfitposts. 
Is there something you need to think about why you started? 
& oh, don't forget to check out Blonde Butterflies every single day! 


  1. Nobody knows how hard is to keep a blog until they have one haha, it's exhausting (sometimes) to keep it with new content...

    Kisses, sweetie!


  2. Very interesting and profound reflections

  3. Dit is echt zo waar!!
    Veel mensen onderschatten het bloggen!!
    Ze denken allemaal dat het senl snel wat foto's zijn sans plus :p
    But we know better ;)
    Check out my new post if you want ;)
    Love, Lima xoxo


  4. Initially when I started my blog I thought that I would publish a post every single day & that it would be easy peasy. But I never thought that posting new content could be so time consuming! And as I have so many other things going on in my life daily posts are impossible for me! Though, I would definitely love to write my blog more!


  5. I know I had the same problem: First I wanted to focus only on travel, but seriously I had sooo many ideas and inspirations I wanted to write about, that it became a bit messy n my blog. Now I am at a point where Ive decided to do a lifestyle blog writing about fashion, food, design etc. To post every day is impossible for me, but at least once or twice a week I have clearly to share smth with ym dear followers :)

    Come and stop by!