Tip of the day

Today I'm going to give you some advice about neon nail polish. 
I know that neon nail polish is nice; the colours are cool, cute and ofcourse flashy. Last year I bought some neon nail polish and (ofcourse) I had to try it out and I really liked it until I removed the nail polish .. 
My nails were not white/pink anymore but they had a yellow colour :s 
It wasn't such a nice thing to see .. 
My advice : if you buy neon nail polish, don't buy the most cheap one but buy it from a brand!


Feeling pink today

Today I'm feeling pink so I'm wearing a pink sweater, but not a warm one because the weather is still good :) and my flats also have a pink touch! Don't mind the little ball on my feet, I got bitten by an insect. 
In the pictures below, you can see my mum taking the pictures because of my glasses, it's really funny! 
Have a nice day beauties :) 


Snake playsuit

Look of the day : a playsuit from H&M with on top a snake print. I combined it with flats, the bag I got for Valentine's Day this year, sunglasses and one of my favourite rings (the ring means a lot to me). 
What do you think about this look? And do you like playsuits? 
Enjoy your evening beauties ! 


Neon trend

One of  the trends for this spring/summer 2012 is the neon trend. I have to say, I absolutely adore this trend! It's such a cool trend which can totaly make (or break) your outfit. 
What do you think of this trend? Like it or not? 


Yellow touches

Since a couple of days, the weather is really nice and yesterday it was time to wear a short! Nothing special, just a denim short with a tshirt. But I think it's a really cool tshirt. To "make" the outfit a little bit more, I added 2 yellow touches. A yellow handbag and yellow sandals. Now the sunshine is here, it's time to go tanning ! 


New in

Lately, I'm totally in to online shopping, it's so easy .. These are 3 items I've ordered about 2 weeks ago and they (finally) arrived at my home ! A skull ring from Asos, ripped jeans from Romwe and a Hermes look-a-like collier de chien bracelet from Sabo Skirt. My favourite is the bracelet, I wanted it already for so long but I didn't find a site where I absolutely loved the bracelet (it's all about the details you know) and which I trusted. But now I'm the owner of this bracelet and I couldn't be happier! 


2 pair of new sandals

In exactly one month, summer will officialy be in the country. So it's time to hurry up for buying shorts, skirts, dresses, sandals, flats, bikinis, .. I decided to buy these 2 pair of studded sandals. If you're already following me for a while, you know that I'm a huge fan of studs so when I saw these sandals, I just had to buy them!
What do you think of them? And which is your favourite pair? 
P.S. : My feet look a little bit weird because they were swollen  (I hope this is the right word, haha)


Floral shorts

Yesterday I told  you that I really was missing the high temperatures and the sunshine. I guess the gods of the weather heared me because the weather was beautiful! It was time to wear a bikini :D I wore my black bikini with a black short with flowers on it. Love that weather!  


Missing summer

Summer (sunshine and hot temperatures), where are you ? :( 
Some pictures of last summer


I've got the blues

Yesterday I had to go to 2 familyparties because 2 were receiving their Holy Communion. The first one I went to was from my cousin, the second one from Dries (Daan his brother). It was too cold for me to wear a dress or a skirt so I decided to wear a dark blue pants with a shirt, blazer and flats. It's not so comfortable when you're wearing high heels when there are little children around... 


To the movies

My internet is finally fixed so here I am again! 
If you have read my post from Sunday you already know that I went to the movies with my mum to see Titanic in 3D. It's such a beautiful movie about true love but it's also a little bit sad.. I always have  to cry when I see Titanic. Yes, also this time.. 
What do you think of Titanic? 


Happy Mother's Day

Today it is international Mother's Day. 
I gave my mum a selfmade card (by my opinion these are the best because they are so personal), a giftcard for a manicure and we're going to the movies this afternoon to see Titanic in 3D.
What are you doing today for your mum? Or what is your present? 
Tips are always welcome ;) 
To all the mum's in the world : HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, ENJOY !!! 
P.S. : I love you mum :)


New fashion event

Hi dolls, there is a new fashion event : Vogue's Fashion Night out in Holland! 
As you can see on the picture, the first edition will be on September the 13th in Amsterdam. 
I'm not from Holland but from Belgium (next to Holland) so maybe I will go, I hope so :D
I think it's very exciting news, especially for the people who speak Dutch since we only got a Vogue in our language since 2 months and ofcourse it's very interesting for Vogue. 
Vogue is making that the whole world can enjoy! 


New face for Chanel

Brad Pitt : the new face of the upcoming campaign for Chanel N°5. 
Hot or not? 
My opinion .. hot ! 


Heels tshirt with sneakers

This is my outfit from yesterday : a tshirt, jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket. I really like the combination of my tshirt, which has a picture and a quote and which you'll see in the pictures below, and my sneakers. Opposites attract I guess :) 
The quote on my tshirt : Et Dieu ... crea le talon. For the people who don't speak French, the quto means : And God ... created the heel(s). 
From today I don't have pictures because I had a very busy day and now I'm too tired + the weather is still bad. 


Being little

This afternoon I'm going to see my little sister (my parents are divorced, I live with my mum and she is the daughter of my dad and my stepmother) Everytime I see her I'm getting a very big smile on my face, she makes me soooo happy! But when I see her, I also think that I sometimes want to be a little kid again. Having nothing to worry about, just playing around with your friends, ... 
I'm so happy that she can be a child with nothing to worry about and if she has a problem, she can always come to me. She's the best and cutest little sister I could wish for! 
I love her so much , she means the world to me :) 


Cleaning outfit

Wearing the most comfortable outfit ever today : a legging and a way too big shirt from my boyfriend. 
My look had to be comfortable because I decided to clean my room.. 
Love it to wear tshirts from my boyfriend, hmmmm :) 
Enjoy the last night of the weekend! 


Second Vogue

I've got no plans for the weekend so I can read the second Vogue for the Netherlands and Belgium. 
I'm so excited that we also have a Vogue now! 


Time for love

Today, it's time for love, time to spend with my boyfriend! 
Actually, everyday should be 'love-day'
What are you doing today?
Have a nice weekend!


Anna Dello Russo for H&M

The italian fashionista, Anna Dello Russo, will create a collection for H&M. 
The collection will have jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, bags and a trolley.
The collection will be available from the 4th of October 2012.
Are you just as excited as I am?!


Sweater and sneakers

Today the weather is very bad : cold (only 10° Celcius) and rain, rain, rain ! I hate this weather. I chose to wear a very comfortable and casual look. The outfit of the day is not as girly as usual but I tried to give it a girly touch by using bright colours! Sometimes it's nice to wear a normal look with nothing special. 
You don't have to dress everyday like your on a runway haha, and if you think that you should wear an outfit everyday for on the runway, create your own runway! 
Everybody has a different style, so a different runway