OUTFIT | Elie Saab dress

Today is Halloween but I really don't like dressing up and having scary make-up on my face etc. But since most people do like Halloween, I want to show you the type of dressing up I do like. I'm more the fairytale type of girl than the scary movies type. So when I was in London in January 2012 (that's why my hair and face look so different) and I saw this dress of Elie Saab in Harrod's, I knew it : I had to try it on! And so I did, playing dress up in January at Harrod's in London, I felt so special. I mean, I was wearing an ELIE SAAB dress, hello how crazy is that for a normal girl like me?! 
Which type are you : the real Halloween or the 'fake' (fairytale) Halloween? 
Whether you're a fan or not, I hope you had a nice day!


FASHION | Isabel Marant Scarlet boots : the real vs. the deal

Lots of clothing stores get inspired by designers. This time, Mango was inspired by the Isabel Marant Scarlet boots so they made a cheaper version. 
Are these shoes your style? If so, which pair would you go for, the real or the deal? 
The Isabel Marant's are available at Mytheresa and you can buy the look-a-likes at Mango.


DIARY | Instagram #7

It's been quite some time ago (again, bad  bad me) that I have given you an Instagram update. So here are most of my IG-photos from a little 2 months. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I am @lyndesloovere ;) 


WORDS | Wear it

I've decided that I'm not going to think anymore in the morning "Is this okay to wear to university? Isn't it weird if I wear this?" Because when you're going to university, there are no rules about the dresscode anymore. So why the hell would I think about it? If I want to wear it, I am going to! Now I just have to really do it because as usual, it is easier said than done.. 
Do you think about whether your clothes are appropriate or not (in a situation wher you actually can wear whatever you want)? 


INSPIRATION | Think pink

While I am writing this post I am exhausted but I think it is very important that I write this post. Why? October is the month of breast cancer awareness and many people from all over the world are dealing with this type of cancer so it is important that we show them that we think of them. Off course this isn't the only time we need to show them that we care etc. but just a little bit extra never hurts.
Message to everyone who is dealing with this disease : I wish you lots of strength during this hard time and don't forget to THINK PINK! 


FASHION | Kate Moss has a new job!

We all know Kate Moss as one of the biggest supermodels. Beside being a model, she also made some collections for like Topshop, so you can call her a bit of a designer as well. Kate is already in the fashion industry for more than 25 years but she isn't thinking about quiting. On the contrary, she has a new job in the world of fashion : contributing editor for Vogue UK! But what does this means 'contributing editor'? It means that she will have to search for models and photographers for the editorial shoots for Vogue. If you ask me, I think it's a pretty good job for her : she's already in the industry for so long that she knows how everything works and has lots of connections! I can't wait to see some results of her work, we will be able to see it in the beginning of 2014. 
What do you think of Kate Moss working for Vogue UK? 
One thing is for sure : Kate loves the fashion world and the fashion world loves Kate! 
PS : Kate, since you have a lot of experience, my expectations are pretty high but no pressure haha ;) 

Sources : Vogue UK, Pinterest, Google, Tumblr


WORDS | Laughing

We all know that laughing is good for many things : a good mood, a better health, a positive environment, etc. Since Monday isn't the most favorite day for most of us, I tought it would be nice to share some funny pictures/quotes with you. It are things that make me smile or laugh, I hope it works for you as well so you can have a good start of the week! 


OUTFIT | Mixing prints step one

I can hear you thinking "Is this Belgian girl really wearing shorts with bare legs?!". I know I would think that when I would see this outfit. Well, this outfit is absolutely not from today (rain rain rain) but from one of the last days of September, when it was a bit of an indian summer. 
About the outfit now! I'm not a hero when it comes to mixing prints. In fact I find it really difficult so I'm taking babysteps : a striped jumper and leopard flats, my favorite combination when it comes to mixing prints. Anyone else having difficulty with mixing prints? 

jumper : H&M // shorts : vintage // flats : H&M // sunglasses : no brand // bag : I Want That Musthave // 


FASHION | Camtyox x Pimkie

Lately, more and more shops make a collaboration with bloggers. Think about the shoe line of Lovely Pepa, Bartabac, Dulceida,.. Think about the clothing lines of Lovely by Lucy, Fanny Lyckman, etc. Now there is a new collaboration : blogger Camille over the rainbow together with the shop Pimkie. I'm personally pretty excited about it because I think that Camille has a cool, pretty unique style so I couldn't wait to see the result! Since a few days, the collection is available online and in stores. It is a rather small collection but it has some really cool pieces. My favorites? The grey zipper skirt, black handbag, khaki shorts, grey zipper sweater, ecru coat and white pants! If you want to shop the collection, go to your closest Pimkie store or order online :) 
Are you also such a fan of collaborations between bloggers and shops? I def am! 


WORDS | Fuck all

If you follow my blog (you can follow BB here), you probably know that I post some words/quote every Monday. These words aren't chosen random, it has always a certain link with my life at the moment I am posting it. 
Right now, I just have a feeling of 'fuck everthing', I think that's pretty obvious. Don't we all have moments that we think/feel like this? 



Since a few weeks I'm having a big hair crisis, I absolutely don't know what to do with it. There is only one thing I know : I am a blondie and I will stay a blondie. 
I have 3 options in my mind, the only problem is that they all have a 'but' : 
1) cut my hair but I'm a bit scared I will miss my long hair (although I've already done this a few years ago and way shorter than the length I have in my mind for now)

blogger Lovely Pepa

it-girl Olivia Palermo

2) Long haircut with a straight pony but your frou is always there, it's so difficult when you want to have a day off from your pony (I've had this before, in the beginning when I started this blog) 

blogger Le Blog de Betty

 me a few years ago (don't mind my head in the left photo, my face was very swollen because of cortison)

3) Leave my hair the way it is now because I adore how much you can do with long hair (ponytail, braids, buns, straight, curls, ...) but I'm a bit tired of it 'just hanging there' but when I see other people with beautiful long hair I keep falling in love. 
I think I'm going to keep it like this until I am 100% sure what to do with it! What do you think I should do?

blogger The Barefoot Blonde

blogger Fanny Lyckman



FASHION | Louis Vuitton SS14

Today was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, which also means that it is the end of this Fashion-Weeks-month madness. 
Which show was on the schedule today? Louis Vuitton, a famous French brand, so what's the best location? Off course, the Cour Carré of the Louvre! Their were some rumours that it would be the last collection from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and now it is confirmed. I think Marc wanted to say goodbye to the brand and the lovers of it with a really big 'wow'-effect. I mean, have you seen that decor, those clothes, those accessoiries?! Pure drama, in a good way : headpieces with feathers, black, see-trough clothing, leather, glitter,... The music of a fashionshow is also a very important thing; the music completely fitted in the theme, drama. 
Now, what or who was Marc his inspiration? Jacobs designed the collection with a tribute to women, and 'the showgirl in every single one of them', who inspire him : Jane Birkin, Madonna, Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel, Barbra Streisand, Juliette Greco and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. 
"Their style, vision, creative talent, imagination and voice changed our environment." - Marc Jacobs
I think we can say this was an amazing goodbye-show of MJ for LV (and of the September 2013 fashionmonth) and I can't wait to see more of him since he will still be designing for his own brand. 
Are you also 'wow'-ed by the collection and show? Shout those opinions! xx 

Marc Jacobs