Karen Millen purse

Looking on the internet always brings surprises. This time I was watching on Asos.com if there was something I want to buy and I saw this, my new Karen Millen purse :) I bought it in London! I really love this purse, it's black and black is timeless but the 'studs' make it more special..


New computer, FINALLY!

Hi sweeties, yesterday I finally bought a new computer! I'm so happy about it, here some first pictures I took with my new comp :)


Pastel nails and glasses

I love to paint my nails. Tonight I'm going to the birthday of a friend of my mum, so I had a good excuse to paint my nails again. I chose for light taupe, a pastel colour. And, I'm wearing my glasses! What are you doing tonight?
(can't show you a picture because the webcam isn't working.. :( I really need to buy a new computer, I'm already saying it for months, but now, I'm really gonna do it!)


Save or spend

I love this wallet by Rebekka Minkoff. Are you a saver or a spender? I'm both, but if I have to make a decision I'm more a saver..


Bloglovin' Awards 2012

The Bloglovin Awards of 2012 started! It's very interesting I think.. Are you gonna vote? Could you please vote for me? A little bit of publicity is better than no publicity. There is a white place where you can fill in the site of the blog you support. So please write : mylifeasablondegirl.blogspot.com
It would mean a lot to me :) thanks & have a nice evening!
Here is the link : http://www.bloglovin.com/awards


London Day 5

Fifth day in London = last day, unfortunately .. We started the day with packing our bags and making sure the luggage could close because with all the new stuff in it.. Let's say that it was a challenge! After packing, we decided to go see the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace again. We went by a taxi, the famous black ones. After that we went to the Abercrombie and Fitch store. It's always a pleasure to see these hot boys with there hot naked bodies :) I bought a cute dress. After that, we went to the British Museum where we wanted to go to the library because my mum and I read a lot but the 'library' was closed so we decided to see the 'Enlightment room', this was also closed, a real dissappointment so we left.. Than, it was already time to go to the railway station to wait for the Eurostar. Bye bye London :(

P.S. : London, I'm gonna miss you but I'll come back!


London Day 4

The fourth day in London was different than all the other days. Especially in the morning it was different, it wasn't about shopping this time. We went to Madame Tussauds, a really nice experience! It's so crazy to see all these famous people and stand right next to them. Some were better than others, but I guess that's normal because real people change and they can't always change the 'dolls'. After we did the tour in Madame Tussauds, there also was a little movie in 4D about Superheroes in London. It was so crazy, the things you saw flying right to you, the water you got on your face,.. Everybody screamed haha :) we also ate a Belgian waffle (yes, I'm proud of my country 's waffles!) with whipped cream, hmm, such a nice taste. I also drunk a Starbucks coffee, a caramel machiatto, the best coffee I ever drunk! In the afternoon, we went again to Harrods, you can walk there for days.. For dinner we ate a pizza & then it was time for bed 'cause we were really tired. London is amazing but also a city that never sleeps so actually, you  really need your sleep over there.


London Day 3

Already the third day in London. We had breakfast in our room, again ;) it's so nice, cosy and chill. We decided to go to Primark, a huge store with low prices! We arrived at Primark and I was overwelmed, I dind't know where to look first or where to start, it's so big! I already went to Primark in Luik (Belgium) and I already thought it was a huge store there but in London, oh my god.. you cannot believe what you're seeing! I guess we looked around for about 2 hours in Primark alone, that means something doesn't it? We also bought some things, it's always nice to buy a lot of clothes for not a lot of money. A post about all my purchases will come later. Because we were such a long time at Primark, it was already time to have lunch. We ate KFC -I know, again not a proper meal but I just had to eat it once- actually I was a bit dissapointed about the chicken of KFC, which should be very good but it was too spicy.. I prefer the chicken mcnuggets from McDo, haha :D after KFC, we moved on to the other stores on Oxford Street. It's really amazing how much stores you have over there and on Saturday the stores are open until 21h! I don't know but I guess London is my favorite city for shopping so far.. As you can think, we shopped until we dropped :) we went to a Asian restaurant for our dinner and it was a buffet, so you could choose as many as you want. After dinner, we went straight to the hotel. We couldn't feel our feet anymore from all the shopping .. :)
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London Day 2

We started the second day in London with having breakfast in our room, always a little bit more special. After breakfast, we were making ourselfs ready to go visit London! We did a tour with one of the red busses (again) but now we did the red tour, which is the biggest so you can see the most on this tour. It was amazing to finally see the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the London Bridge etc. This tour dured more than 2 hours so after hopping off the buss, we decided to go to McDonalds for our 'lunch'. After the lunch, we went to Selfridges, you can compare it to Harrods but Selfridges is a cheaper version of Harrods. It has also the biggest shoe-department in Europe! Maybe even in the whole world.. You can already guess, I was becoming crazy with all these beautiful shoes! I bought some different things in Selfridges, which you will see on the last post about London. My mum and I totally forgot out of time and before we knew, it was again time to eat! On a 2 minute walk from Selfridges, there 's a very nice and cosy Spanish restaurant, La Tasca. First we ate some calamares with a delicious sauce and then we ate the wonderfull paella. Hmmm..

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London day 1

Last Thursday, I left Belgium and I went to London. It was my first time in London so I was very nervous and excited :) my mum and I went by the Eurostar -the train under the sea- and we arrived in London at 10.30 local time. First we went to the hotel to drop off our luggage and then we decided to go on a tour on a famous red buss. We were on the buss and the bussdriver told us that we were doing the blue tour (we didn't even knew that there was more than one..). We hopped off the buss at Harrods and in this amazing and very big, beautiful shop I tried on a dress from Ellie Saab. You can already guess I didn't buy the dress because it was very very expensive... But as I said, I tried it on and it felt like I was a princess, I guess every girl wants to feel like princess, or not? In the afternoon we went to Oxford Street -the famous shoppingstreet in London- I bought a cover for my Blackberry with I love London on it and also a sweater from Urban Outfitters, gosh, love that store! Before we knew, it was already late and we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurant in our hotel. We ate in a Chinese / Malaysian restaurant but it was a little bit too spicy for me ..

PS : I'm sorry that it's been such a long time ago that I wrote a post but I wasn't able to take my laptop with me and I'm sick..


My Facebook-page

Dear followers, I finally made a Facebook page so you can follow me there as well! I made it, so I can become a bigger en more famous blogger.. Cross your fingers that it will work out for me :) please be one of the first ones who like my FB-page, you would make me very happy


Over the knee boots

 It was way to long that I wore my black over-the-knee-boots so I decided to get them out of my shoe closet and wear them! I was so happy when I had them back on :) I've missed them, haha. I was wearing it with a warm vest and a jeans. Do you like my boots as much as I do?


Ready for London

Thursday I'm going to London for the first time in my life! I'm going togheter with my mum, her present for me for my 18th birthday + all the things I want to buy in London. I'm preparing myself by reading some city guides. Do you have suggestions what I should see in London? I'm soooooooo excited, you can't imagine! I've always wanted to go to London and in a few days, I'm really going to be there. I CAN'T WAIT :D


Galliano & Zara

Did you also hear the rumor about John Galliano and Zara? If you haven't, here the explanation. I read an article with the rumor in it that John Galliano would draw and make a collection for Zara, ofcourse a much cheaper one than the ones he made for Dior for example. I would be very happy if there would come a collection from him for Zara, I think it would be a wonderfull success!I'm very curious to the answer and let's cross our fingers :)


Louis Vuitton

 I really love the Louis Vuitton stores! This picture was at the LV in Brussels. It wasn't the first time I went inside a store of LV but it was the first time I bought something! I bought (actually my mum bought it for me as a little present) a city guide of London because I'm going to London next week with my mum for my 18th birthday (which is tomorrow one month ago..) I also wanted to buy a bag of Louis Vuitton but I didn't know which one to choose. Can you help me decide? Please tell me which one is your favourite of the ones bellow :)


From old to new

 This was my outfit of Saturday evening, the last evening of 2011. Daan (my boyfriend) and I decided to have a relaxed evening and night with just the two of us. We had a lovely dinner and at 00:00 we went outside to watch the firework! Well, it was a little bit later than 00:00 because first we had to give eachother the first kiss of 2012 and we had to wish eachother a good, healthy, nice and spectacular year. What did you do?


Happy New Year

Welcome on the first post of this year, welcome in 2012! I hope you ate, drunk and celebrated well? But I guess you have. Today, I had a lovely dinner with some close family. Underneath, some pictures of my outfit of today. Tomorrow a post about what I did yesterday evening.
 For 2012 I wish you all the best. A happy year but most importantly a healthy new year! May all your wishes and dreams come true ...