Printed dress

My outfit from Friday : printed dress I bought during the sales. To me, it's a very summery dress. It's always nice to wear clothes that reminds you immediately of summer! Because there is yellow in the dress, I chose to combine it with a yellow bag and yellow sandals. 
PS : today and tomorrow are the last days of sale , why does sale-time goes so fast? 


Turkish/Tunesian style

 This is an outfit from this week. It's not really an outfit because it's just a bikini cover-up. I bought this cover-up in H&M but with the pearls around the neck it has a little bit of a Turkish/Tunesian touch, don't you think?



Because of the high temperatures the past days I placed a little plastic pool -in pink- in the garden so I could refresh a little bit. I had lots of fun with it with my boyfriend :) I really felt like a little child again by playing in and with the water ! 
One thing is for sure : Summer is my favourite season of the year


Romantic white skirt

High temperatures means : skirts/dresses/shorts/bikinis/tops/white... By my opinion, you can only wear white when it's good weather. I think it's a little bit strange if you're wearing a white pants in the Winter or when it's cold but that's everybody's personal choise. (and if I see someone wearing white in Winter, I don't have to 'hate' it. Sometimes I actually like it!) But since the weather is lovely, I decided to wear a white skirt that I bought last Summer but I hadn't really had the chance to wear it. I combined it with a casual top, flats and my Louis Vuitton bag. 


Burberry bikini

Sunshine : check 
New bikini : check
What do we need more to have a chill day? 



Outfit from a couple of days ago when the weather wasn't so beautiful as it is now. I met with a friend to go eat something in Terrazza (where I also wrote a post about this month). Black jeans, flats and handbag with one eyecatcher : the shirt with leopard print. I bought this during the sales and I was very happy to find it because I was already looking for something like that for months :) 
Do you like animal prints or not ?


Advice needed : Alexander Wang duffle bag

Since the first time I saw the Alexander Wang duffle bag, I'm in love with it! About two weeks ago I decided to finally buy one but now I have a dilemma : should I buy the bag with golden studs or silver studs? 
Please give me your opinion so I can finally order it ! 


Sea pics

Some pictures of my days spent at the Belgium coast with my boyfriend 


YSL quote on my shirt

Another look that I wore this week : a jeans with a tshirt. I love the tshirt because of the quote of Yves Saint Laurent! "Don't copy find your own style it just look pathetic". The quote is so true! 
What do you think of tshirts with quotes? And especially this one?
I absolutely love it! 

Neon stripes

I went to the Belgium coast for a few days but I didn't know what to wear because the weather was very unpredictable so I chose for a casual look : jeans with a t-shirt. The t-shirt had a touch of neon in it, one of the trends for this Summer. 



Sorry that it's been a while but I had to babysit for 2 days and then I went a few days away and I had no internet connection. But here I am, totally back! 
Last week I've been to Terrazza, a place where you can eat and drink something, because we know the proprietor. Tonight I'm going again with a friend :) 


Jacket in Chanel-style

This is what I'm wearing today. A grey jeans with some studs, a black top, a jacket that has a little bit of a Chanel touch, bag that looks like Chanel and Chanel flats! It's quit a casual outfit but the jacket makes it a bit more stately. What do you think of it? 
Please let me know, I love reading your comments!


Karl Lagerfeld is opening a pop-upshop

Karl is getting his own pop-upshop from Selfridges during the Olympics. The temporary shop of Selfridges will be all about the world known designer. 
On the 24th of July is the official opening of the store with a cocktailparty. The host is Karl, ofcourse.. 
I'm wondering which other fashionable people will be there! 
At the store you'll be able to buy the brand new collection : Karl Lagerfeld Paris Man, a luxe ready-to-wear-clothingline for man. Also available at the store : Team Karl, the clothingline and accessoiryline for women. 
I'm very curious, so are you? 
P.S : the store is in London, where the Olympics are this year! 


Missing Daan

I haven't seen Daan for more than a week because he's away and I really miss him! 
It's so strange to not see him for about 4 times a week or even more. 
Lucky for me, he's coming home Friday evening so I'll be able to see him again and I guess I will kiss and hug him until he can't take it anymore haha :D 
Saturday morning we're leaving for going away together so we can enjoy eachothers company, I really can't wait! 
If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I hope for you that you don't have to miss him/her. 
Have a nice week :) 



One week ago the sales started! And as a real fashionlover I just had to go shopping, I couldn't resist it :D 
In the picture you can see what I bought this week. It's quit a lot.. 
And ofcourse when you're going sales-shopping, you see stuff that you like which aren't priced off and it's so hard to say no if you really want it , right ? 
I love the sales-time but sometimes there are too many people and I'm getting crazy of it, know the feeling?


Between giraffes

Today I went to my sister because it's vacation for her so it's always nice if her big sister comes and play with her. No special clothes because comfort was my priority today; little kids have so much energy .. Haha
We sit down by the pool, relaxed, played, .. She means the world to me! 
PS : these giraffes are in the garden at my dad's , I still think it's a little strange.. What do you think?


Colourful jumpsuit

Today, very good weather so I wanted to wear something colourful. You haven't seen  this jumpsuit yet so I decided to wear this :) I also went sales-shopping today but I wore something more comfortable so I could easily try all the clothes ! Are you in to jumpsuits or not? 


Nailpolish therapy

I was really stressing so I took a hot shower and I started polishing my nails. 
To polish your nails you have to be calm so this was my therapy. 
The nice bright pink colour also made me happy :) 
Polishing your nails is the new therapy ! 


What are your shoes saying about you?

This week, I read an article about shoes. I read that you can know what type of caracter someone has by looking at their shoes. And it's proven by science! 
If you're wearing : 
-bright coloured shoes you are extrovert
-classic shoes you are a detached person 
-sneakers you are 'easy'
-super high heels you are calm/relaxed. The higher the heel, the calmer you are
-ankle boots you are agressive 
-sandals you are compliant/willing

What do you think about this?