WORDS | Happiness

The reason I share these words is because it is true and too little people realize this. Lots of people only realize it when they are going trough a rough period or when they aren't happy. 
Past Saturday I was having a conversation with someone I hadn't see in a long while and she said a couple of things which fit perfectly with this quote : 
- When you're having fun, don't leave. 
- Try to enjoy every second of your life. 
Since she said this stuff, I'm constantly thinking about it. We all know these things but actually realizing them? I don't think we do. 
It is so important to be happy, for you, your loved ones, your mental and physical health, etc. and for a part the happiness is in our own hands so I'm going to post a DIY soon. What it has to do with each other, I'm not going to reveal it yet so stay tuned! 


  1. This is an excellent post and most likely exactly what I needed to hear today! Very thought-provoking!!



  2. I really feel you!!
    I kow what you mean, I lost 3 years ago my little brother, so I really understand what you mean. It's also so sweet of you to take the time to post this on your blog.
    Life is short, but rare are the people who realise it... Enjoy every minute cuz you never know...
    Sending you a big bucket of kisses <3
    Hope to see you soon again on my blog, Love, Lima xoxo


  3. Klopt volledig! Mensen moeten terug wat meer beginnen genieten van het leven en de kleine dingen... Alles draait tegenwoordig teveel rond geld, macht en herkenning. Sad but true.

    x Aurélie