OUTFIT | New booties

This outfitpost isn't really about the outfit. The outfit is just a normal 'day-at-home-outfit' to me : leggings and a loose t-shirt. What this post is about is the studded booties! Actually I already have them for a few months but I haven't showed them to you yet so in a way, they are still a bit new :) you can find them on Asos on sale here
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BLOG | 5 easy ways to stay updated

I thought it would be practical for you, my dear followers,  if I told you the ways you can stay updated about the blog and my life. So here are the 5 easiest ways :
1) Bloglovin : an easy way to follow all your favorite blogs! If you don't have an account yet, it is very easy to make one. You can follow me on bloglovin HERE. This is pretty important that you follow me here because GFC/Google reader (it's not very clear) is shutting down on July the first. 
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5) Tumblr : last but not least I also have a Tumblr account. I don't think you knew this, right? But that was because I wasn't very active on Tumblr but since a few days I'm also sharing my blogposts and inspiration there. Find me HERE
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Thank you and happy Friday ! xx 


WISH | Balenciaga heels

Since the first second I saw this beauties on a blog (www.luluandyourmom.blogspot.com) I am in love! These Balenciaga heels are so beautiful and sexy! I haven't found them in navy yet but I did find them in beige on mytheresa.com . The price? €570... 


LIFE | Last Friday night

It all started last year, on the 21st of September. That day was introduction day at university and the day I got to meet these amazing girls. We had an awesome year together : going to class together, chitchatting about literally everything, celebrating birthdays, helping eachother out, laughing, ... It was a year filled with ups and downs but I couldn't be happier that I met them. It's strange and amazing at the same time that people can become such a big and important part of your life. A special message to Tine, Lien, Ann-Sophie, Romy, Elise, Laura and Maxine : thank you girls for this year and I love you all ! 


QUOTE | Don't think to much

I think I have to remember this one. I'm a person who always thinks about everything but that is not always a good idea... 


FASHION | Affordable swimpieces in 5 different styles

Whether you can notice it or not in your country, Summer has officially arrived. Here in Belgium, the weather is a bit bipolar : one day all you need is a bikini, the next day you have to wear a coat. I'm a bikini-holic so I really don't have to have a reason to buy a bikini (in fact, I buy bikinis all over the year, sssstt) so I've put together a collection of my favourites in different types of swimsuits. 
Which one is your favourite and which type of swimwear do you usually wear? I'm very curious ! 






NEW | FCUK bag

Hi sweeties, here is my new French Connection bag! I know, I know, I made a promise to myself to not buy anything for one month but there were 2 exceptions : this rose gold clutch from FCUK and a silver bag from Zara, which I still haven't found :( 
If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter (both under the nickname @lyndesloovere) you know that this bag was on my wishlist so bad sooooo .. happy me ! :D 


QUOTE | Summer

The official start of summer is today, yeah! (Too bad it's raining all the time, but let's forget about that!)
The picture above says it all, except for one thing : I LOVE SUMMER !!! 


OUTFIT | Lost & found

This is an outfit from over more then one month ago, I wore it to the Holy Communion of my little nephew. Quite a classic look : beige dress with a navy blazer and some gold details. 

dress : Zara // blazer : Zara // shoes : New Look // bag : Mango // sunglasses : H&M // earrings : Six // ring : Gather Boutique 


QUOTE | Stress - supermodel

Lately I'm having lots of stress (that's why I haven't posted for a few days and there aren't a lot of outfitposts). The quote above would be so awesome in my real life but unfortunately I'm an emo-eater... Bye bye wishful body of a supermodel, hello calories! 


BLOG | Goodbye Google Friend Connect

Hi sweeties, this is a pretty important post so please read it. 
Google Friend Connect will no longer excist. More specific : from July 1st it will be gone. Maybe you're thinking : what's so important about that? Well my dear followers, if you follow me via GFC you will no longer be updated about my blogposts like you're use to now. The solution : follow me via Bloglovin. A great way to follow your favourite blogs and see all the posts you haven't read yet. It's very easy to use : you can follow blogs, comment on them, like them, ... and they also have an app, which is very handy! 
So dear GFC followers, please go follow me blog on Bloglovin. 
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I would be so happy if you started following me here! Hopefully I see you there :) 
Kisses xxx 


FASHION | Isabel Marant x H&M

Isabel Marant with Margareta van den Bosch, creative adviser at H&M

Big news in fashionland : H&M has teamed up with a new designer! After collaborations with Marni, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, .. it's now time for Isabel Marant. Yep, thé Isabel Marant from the famous wedge sneakers, which were a total hype. There will be 3 collections :  one for woman, one for teenagers and one for men. Especially the collection for men is a big deal because it will be her first men collection ever! The collections will be available in 250 selected stores from all over the world on November the 14th. I guess lots of people have high expectations, let's hope we will be exited by the result! What are your expectations? 



Probably not everybody will agree with this quote but this is the way I think about it. Because you never know what tomorrow, next week or next year will bring. We can only control the now, and even the 'now' we can not control completely. You have to give yourself over and control the things you can, but only if you want to be in control of them! 


MUSIC | I love it

I think I've already told you before that this is my favourite song at the moment. Well, that moment is already lasting quite some time, a few months now I think. With the nice weather from the last days, I love this song even more! I can listen to it for hours. When I'm really crazy about a song, I press on play and put it on repeat. On this song I can go 'total loss' and you know what? 


LIFE | These days..

The past days, the sun is shining at is fullest! We've been waiting so long for spring but we skipped it and jumped straight in to summer! It's really nice to see that the world changes so much because of the good weather : people are more happy, they come outside, the nature is very happy as well, time to put away our winter clothes and wear our favorite tops/dresses/skirts/... I LOVE SUMMER ! 


SHOP | Original Sales

I’m going to write this post in Dutch because this shop only delivers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sorry to all my international readers!

Dag landgenootjes en noorderburen, wat is het raar om een post in het Nederlands te schrijven! Maar voor alles is er een eerste keer, toch?
Deze blogpost bevat zelfs nog een ‘eerste keer’ : mijn allereerste samenwerking! Het is een (voorlopig) eenmalige samenwerking en ze is dus niet zo groot maar dat neemt niet weg dat ik er heel blij mee ben ; hier heb ik zo lang op gewacht!

Bon, genoeg rond de pot gedraaid! Laten we tot de kern/het doel van deze blogpost komen, de Facebook-shop Original Sales aan jullie voorstellen.
Als modeliefhebster ben ik altijd op zoek naar nieuwe spulletjes en shops die ik nog niet ken. Tijdens één van mijn vele zoektochten kwam ik bij Original Sales terecht.
Natuurlijk heb ik al gekocht bij deze shop (onder het motto “Life is too short, when you see something you want, buy it.”) want het zo maar raar en ietwat schijnheilig zijn om jullie een shop aan te raden als ik er zelf geen ervaringen met heb.
Pluspunten van deze shop : 2 vriendelijke dames, toffe spulletjes, eerlijke prijzen, snelle levering, …
Ook tof en interessant om te weten is dat ze regelmatig winacties organiseren, kortingen geven, etc.
In juli zal er hun logo uitgebracht worden, er zal een fotoshoot worden gehouden van de collectie én een kijkdag voor de klanten.

Dus waar wacht je nog op?! Ga vlug een kijkje nemen op de Facebook-pagina van Original Sales en vergeet deze zeker niet te liken als je op de hoogte wilt blijven van nieuwe spulletjes, acties, kortingen, give-aways, …

Op bovenstaande foto’s kan je enkele favorieten van mij zien die te verkrijgen zijn bij Original Sales. Sommige zijn nu al te koop, op anderen is het nog eventjes wachten. 


NEW | Rosé gold

Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from Asos with a student discountcode. If you know me a little bit, you know that I couldn't ignore that! 
As usual, my wishlist at Asos was pretty big but since I bought lots of stuff lately, I had to scrap a lot of stuff from my list. I decided to buy some rosé gold jewellery, which I absolutely adore but I had nothing like this yet. 
After ordering, I made a promise to myself (and my mum) to not buy anything for one month. If you're addicted to fashion and shopping like me, you're probably thinking "OMG, one month of buying nothing !!!", but if you're not such a shopaholic, you're thinking "Girl, chill out, it's only one month.". 
But since I am an addict, I immediately started to count down the days haha. Still 17 more days to go! 


OUTFIT | 3 pop colours

This is the outfit I was wearing last Saturday when I went to my sister's school to see her performance. A casual look but I love the 3 bright colours. Normally I wear more dark colours so 3 pop-out colours is a lot for me! If you're curious about my little sis her show, stay tuned :) 

Sweater : H&M // Jeans : Only // Shoes : Scapa // Bag : Asos


SHOP | Primark online

Yes, you're reading it right : you can now shop Primark online! Asos is selling some pieces of them from now on. Asos was already one of my favourite webshops and now even more! You could already read in this post that I was very excited to have Primark come to Ghent (my hometown) but now, I don't have to wait until the shop opens anymore, I can order on Asos, woohoow! 
How amazing can one webshop be? You can see the pieces that Asos is selling from Primark here. See anything you like? :) 

! Update : they are only shipping the Primark-pieces in the UK for now :( 
I'm sorry, I didn't know this when I wrote the original post above.. Let's hope and cross our fingers that this will change soon! 


QUOTE | Marilyn Monroe

Last Saturday, the 1st of June, it was Marilyn Monroe's "birthday". She already passed away 40 years ago but she is still an inspiration and icon for lots of people! So it's only fair to share some of her quotes. Do you have a favorite one? 


BEAUTY | Chanel protection

While I am writing this post, I'm sitting outside so I couldn't have picked a better moment for sharing this. 
Let me introduce you : Chanel UV Essentiel. UV Essentiel is a beauty product to use on a daily base for multiple protection : 
1) it protects the skin against UV-B beams. 
2) PA+++ offers a maximum of protection against UV-A beams. 
3) a botanical drug protects your skin against the pollution. 
4) a vitamin E-derivative protects against free radicals. 
On top of these 4, UV Essentiel prevents your skin of getting spots. 
How to use this product? It's very easy : you put it on your face, neck and cleavage (the places on your skin that are 'open' in the air) BEFORE you put your make-up on. 
This product is available in multiple SPF-factors : SPF20, SPF30 and SPF50. You can buy it at the Chanel selling points for €50. 

Source : ILFN, Chanel