INSPIRATION | Distraction please

The title says it all : I need distraction. I can't really tell why because it's very personal and I am still in shock. I hope none if you will ever need distraction because of 'this' reason. It may sound a bit weird and/or mysterious but I just can not talk about it. Nevertheless I needed to do an indirect post about it because I can't pretend like nothing happened.. I hope you can understand my point of view a little bit? 
Anyway, November has come to an end and it is time for December, time for other things, time for better things! 


WORDS | Play, pause, stop, repeat

Play the moments. 
Pause the memories. 
Stop the pain. 
Repeat the happiness. 
How amazing, correction : how perfect would life be if this was possible?! Come on technology, develop even more quickly please! 


INSPIRATION | (Faux) fur

I've never been a fan of (faux) fur. In fact, I hated it. I think I've only own one piece of clothing in my entire life with some fur. And I didn't even wanted to have that jacket/coat but I had to since the winter in that year already was in town and I still had no winter coat to wear so I had to buy it, against my will, but it was the only coat that I liked (except from the furry part) and that was allowed at my highschool. As some of you may know from older posts, my highschool had some very strict clothing rules. 
So why do an inspiration post about something you don't like, yes I can hear you think! Well, since this year I actually like faux fur. I didn't really have a reason for not liking it in the past and now all of a sudden, I do like it, also without a specific reason. I think it's just a matter of evolution in taste and style.. 
Now I am curious : do you like (faux) fur? Why or why not? 

FASHION | Louboutin at Brussels ?!

Since a while, there are some rumors that Louboutin will open a store in Brussels. The rumors are getting bigger and bigger and they would also come from more reliable sources! The Louboutin staff hasn't confirmed anything yet but they didn't deny it either.. If we must believe the rumors, Belgium will also have a Louboutin store by summer 2014! My heart is already beating a little bit faster just by the thought of it, my wallet on the other hand isn't that excited.. 
Isn't it crazy, all this fashionnews in one week?! (Think about what I wrote earlier this week about Victoria's Secret, & Other Stories and Primark) 


FASHION | Victoria's Secret, & Other Stories and Primark

I actually planned a totally different post for today but since there were a few huge announcements the last couple of days, there is a change of plans/blogposts. 
Let me tell you about the news. It are 3 different things and they all have to do with my little country Belgium. Curious?Here we go : 
1) Victoria's Secret is opening two shops at Brussels airport, one in each terminal, already in December this year! Just for this I would actually book a ticket so I can go to the shop haha! 
2) & Other Stories, the more expensive little brother from H&M, is opening its first store in Belgium. A little bit more details : the store will be in Antwerp, in the Korte Gasthuisstraat, and will open his doors in the beginning of 2014. Bye bye online shopping, hello real life shopping! 
3) Last but not least, Primark is opening a new store in Brussels. Primark already has a store in Luik, plans for stores in Ghent and Charleroi and now Brussels is added to the list as well! 
So, by Summer 2014 we will be able to shop at Victoria's Secret, & Other Stories and Primark. If this isn't great news for all the Belgian fashionista's! 
To my fellow countrywomen : which store are you most excited about? And to my international readers : which store do you miss in your country? Or are you lucky to have all three of them? 
One thing is for sure : I am excited !! 


WORDS | Black by Christian Dior

You all know that I'm a big fan of black. Why? Christian Dior his explanation pretty much says it all. 


WISH | Isabel Marant x H&M fringe boots

Yesterday it was the launch of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection for the whole world. Before there had been some events for press, bloggers, etc. but yesterday the collection was available for everyone. Lots of people were looking forward to it and some waited hours before the opening of the stores to get their hands on the pieces they wanted. I wasn't able to go to a store and Belgium doesn't have a H&M online shop with as result that I don't have the fringe booties I want(ed) so bad :( if you or someone you know, is selling these in a size 37(EU)/4(UK)/5,5 or 6(US) please let me know by leaving a comment on this post or sending me an e-mail! 
Were you excited for the launch? And did you get everything you wanted? 


OUTFIT | Lately

Like the title says, I'm wearing outfits like this one very often lately. Especially the jeans, so comfortable, and the booties, got to love black and studs. 
The outfit isn't special, it is my go-to-university look. And since it is always the same thing in the morning -too little time- I usually end up with something like this. 
I also know that it has been a while that I did an outfitpost, sorry about that!, but because of the bad grey weather, I really don't feel like leaving the house unless necessary with as result that I wear joggings and pajamas most of the time (and nope, not going to do an outfitpost about that haha!) 
But I made a deal with myself : I need to explore my wardrobe more! Even if it is just for going to uni. Please help me remember this ;) 
Does the weather also affects your mood and the way you dress (more casual/wearing your clothes over and over/etc.) ? 


WORDS | Personality/attitude

I think that this quote from Frank Ocean, known as singer, songwriter and rapper, doesn't need an explanation. It is obvious : personality is about 'me', attitude is because of 'you'. 
Do you know Frank Ocean? And do you agree with his quote or not? 

PS : I find that I owe you an explanation about the lack of posts, especially outfits. It is just really hard to find the right time : I have lots of schoolwork, I have to go to uni, there has to be someone to take photos and it may not rain. These 4 factors made it really hard the past few weeks to shoot some outfits. But, i'll try to work on it, I promise :) 


WORDS | You just don't

If you watch Grey's Anatomy, you've already recognized Meredith. And if you are a true fan, you might even remember this scene. 
I watch Grey's Anatomy and in my opinion, there are so many beautiful things said in that serie. Hard things sometimes but true and that is what makes it so beautiful. When I read this 'quote' I can hear Meredith say it, with her special voice and intonation. 
To all the people who throw others away like a Cleanex (unfortunately there are many who act like this, way too much), let me tell you this : you just DON'T.