Cocktail party

Yesterday night, a friend of mine organised a cocktail party at her place and ofcourse I had to show you my outfit. We were lucky that the weather was nice and hot so we could wear a dress or a skirt. 
I wore a highwaisted blue skirt and a strapless striped top. To have a colourful touch : yellow bag. 
What do you think of my outfit? And especially of my spiked bracelet? 


Ali Bey Resort

The Ali Bey Resort in Side (Turkey), that's the hotel where my mum and I spent our vacation this June. 
It may be a little weird that I'm writing a post about a hotel but the hotel was so good that I just had to write a post about it. 
The rooms are very beautiful (except for the paintings on the walls but that's personal taste I guess..) and the 'park' where the hotel is in is also very beautiful. Full of different kinds of flowers, trees and plants. 
While we were there, the hotel was full but it's not that you had a 'busy feeling'. If you were laying by the pool you had enough space so you couldn't hear what your neighbours were saying and at the beach, just the same as at the pool except that there is more wind at the sea, which  is always welcome in hot temperatures. 
My mum and I went there to relax and we definitely came back relaxed! 
For the people who want to be more active, there are different sports : aquagym, football, darts, tennis, beachvolley, aquavolley, archery, .. and ofcourse different water sports at the beach/sea. 
For the people who already have children, it's also a good hotel. There is a miniclub, pool for the little ones, an aquapark, ... 
The staff is very friendly, the food is good with lots of choice, the hygiene is perfect, .. 
I recommend this hotel for the full 100% (also for people in a wheelchair) ! 
And now comes the surprise.. we joined a competition to win a week for free in 2013 and guess what, WE WON! 
Ali Bey Resort, it was nice to stay with you and see you next year ;)  


Mint lace top

In yesterday's post I told you that I was going out yesterday evening so here is what I was wearing. 
Just a pair of jeans with a lace top in one of the colours of this season, mint! 
Although I think it's a beautiful colour, it's no that easy to make a combination with other clothes.. 
As accessories : Chanel blue bag & Swarovski ring. 



Today the sun was present so it was time to put on my bikini and chill in the sunshine ! 
Tomorrow there will be an outfit-post because I'm going to a party this evening :)
What did you do today? 



Thursday, Summer officially started but here in Belgium it's not clear that it's Summer. If you wouldn't know, you'd think that it's Fall. I really don't like it! 
Above you can see what I understand about Summer and here in Belgium it's rainy and windy like crazy! 
I hope the weather is better in your country :) 


Home sweet home

Yesterday I arrived back in Belgium after spending 11 days in Turkey and to be honest, I'm not very happy that I'm back. I miss the sunshine and the heat. I wish I could go back! Ofcourse I'm a little bit happy for a few things : 
1) I can sleep in my own bed again
2) I can see Daan, my friend and family back
If you come back from a vacation, are you happy to be home again or not? 

Turkey day 11

Eleventh and last day in Turkey. Enjoying the sun and the pool for the last day .. 
I was sleeping at the airport because we had a night flight and I was very tired.
Now I'm back in Belgium and to be honest, I already want to go back! 


Turkey day 10

 While I'm writing this post, I'm already back in Belgium and to be honest, I don't like it! I wanna go back! Here are the photos of Tuesday, my 10th day in Turkey. I wanted to feel like a little child again so we went to the aquapark in our hotel. For dinner I wore a black leather dress, something that not everybody has :) 


Turkey day 9

Yesterday we did nothing special. Just enjoying our last days in Turkey and enjoying the sunshine! 


Turkey day 8

Yesterday was my eight day in Turkey but didn't start as planned.. We wanted to go to Side but some people adviced us to go to 'Dickman Textil' because of the good quality and cheap(er) prices. So we decided  to follow their advice and we went to Dickman. Normally I wouldn't say something negative about a store but this one is absolutely nothing to recommend to you. The clothes had no good quality, they looked cheap and it was just ugly.. So don't go to this store if you're staying in Side. (The store is next to Manavgat) Because this was a real disappointment we went to Side. It's much nicer there, the people are friendly, nice stuff to buy and you can always buy it for a cheaper price. In the afternoon we relaxed at the beach, eating some special pancakes and drinking a cocktail. In the evening I wore a red dress with my Chanel bag and Chanel flats, LOVE THEM!


Turkey day 7

Yesterday, my mum and I decided to go see the Manavgat waterfalls. While we were sitting in the taxi, we saw some beautiful rivers, the ones with such a nice colour (we don't have such as these in Belgium..), and a beautiful mosque. After visiting these things we were sooo tired because it was very hot - 42°C in the shadow.. - so we relaxed on the beach. In the photos you can see me wearing a little hat, normally I don't wear hats, like it or not? For the evening we had to be dressed in black and white because it was gala night at our hotel. I wore my evening outfit with a new bracelet, bought here in Turkey. 
Normally my mum and I always go on vacation for just one week but now we're staying here until Wednesday night and I have to say that I'm really happy about it. I won't think about leaving, I want to stay in this beautiful weather ! 
What did you do this weekend?



I wanted to do something adventurous so I decided to go parasailing on Wednesday. I did it all by myself. The feeling I had when I was there alone in the sky I can't discribe but I'll try. It gave me a light, free feeling with no pressure and nothing to worry about. I felt like a blonde butterflie ;) 
If  you ever have the chance to do this, do it! 


New collaboration for H&M

H&M is going to do another collaboration with another designer. This time the designer is Maison Martin Margiela's. The release date is the 15th of November. 
What do you expect of the collection?

Turkey day 5 & 6

This post is with pictures of yesterday and today because today I didn't do anything except chilling at the beach because the weather was very very very hot today! 37°C in the shadow so in the sunshine it was about 45°C... Not really some weather to do something except relaxing, enough drinking and eating ice cream, haha. Yesterday we went to the market in Manavgat. A real experience and if you have never been to a country like Turkey, you probably don't know what is happening to you.. All those people who are trying to sell something to you, to a way to high price, they are almost begging you! And if you're not buying anything, they are mad and not friendly anymore.. If you really want something, don't pay the full price they are asking! 
Have you ever been to Turkey before? If yes, do you have any suggestions? 


Turkey day 4

Wednesday was our fourth day in Side. A perfect day to relax and enjoy the sunshine with one of the amazing cocktails they have here at the resort! But I also did something adventurous, parasailing. Underneith you can already see a picture but I will write a whole post about parasailing with all the pictures. 
The sunshine really makes me happy, I'm a real sunshine-human, I don't like rain or coldness. Maybe I should move to a warmer country than Belgium? 
The outfit in the picture above is a little bit bohemian, I really like the top :) 
For the evening I chose a romantic dress with lace ... 
Which outfit do you like the most?


Turkey day 3

Yesterday morning my mum and I went to see the town, Side. On the picture above you can see the 'main street' with all sorts of shops. It's really nice that you can see the sea on the horizon. You find here all different kind of shops; jewellery, leather, carpets, shoes, clothes, herbs, tea, .. I bought 2 bags, ofcourse ;)  By noon we came back to the hotel to eat something and relax in the sun and to swim to cool down a little bit. The people are very nice and friendly here! I will keep you updated of my vacation.


YSL movie

Some huge news in the fashionworld and movieworld : there is a movie in progress about Yves Saint Laurent. 
The movie will be a biopic like the movie 'Coco avant Chanel' (which I absolutely adore!).
The director of this movie is Jalil Lespert. Another person who is working on the movie is Pierre BergĂ©, he was a personal friend and business partner from Yves. 
I'm excited and curious to the movie, what about you?

Turkey day 2

Yesterday was our second day in Turkey but it was the first full day because we arrived here Sunday evening. Since yesterday was our first day at the resort; we relaxed, tanned, discovered the area and went into the pool because it's very warm. 
In the pictures below you see me drinking cocktails (non-alcoholic ones because with the sunshine and the hotness, I would be tipsy very quick!), in the pool, at the beach, my outfit during the day, my outfit for dinner, .. 
For the ones who want to know where I'm staying : the Ali Bey Resort in Side, Turkey.


Turkey day 1

Yesterday evening I arrived in Turkey at 20.00 (local time) but than we had to wait for our luggage and we had to drive another hour to our hotel and than we still hadn't eat anything so we ate something and went to bed. I really had no time or energy anymore to write a post, I was so tired! 
There was something special about our flight, there was a man on the plain who is famous and known in Belgium and to me, he's the most beautiful man under the famous people from Belgium. The one and only Sean Dhondt. He is really my type, haha! Brown hair, brown eyes and I love his tattoos! Luckely for me, my boyfriend looks a lot like him :D 
Today is my first full day in Turkey and I can already tell you that it's very warm, hmm I can't wait to lay at the pool so this will be the end of the post! 
P.S. : I'm going to try to write a post every day so watch out! 


Tattoo : do or don't ?

I'm already thinking about getting a tattoo for months but since I'm 18, I'm thinking about it even more because I'm at the legal age to have a tattoo. 
The tattoo I want is just one word, fortitude, so it's not such a huge tattoo but it's still a huge decision..
If I'm getting a tattoo, I first have to decide where I want it : 
- the inside of my wrist
- the side of my chest (like Megan Fox on one of the pictures below)
What do you think of tattoos? And if you were me, what place would you choose? 
I need your advice, people!


Let's face it

Today I wanted to catch up with a friend that I know already since I was 5 years old. 
I was so happy to see her and we talked for hours! 
It's always nice to have the feeling that nothing has changed eventhough you haven't seen eachother in a while :) 


H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook

 You have probably already seen pictures of the autumn/winter collection from H&M but I wanted to write a post and I had no outfit-post so I decided to show you these pictures. I think the collection is interesting, not all the pieces look like H&M to me, that can be an advantage or a disadvantage .. Some pieces I would buy and love to wear but other ones are totally not me. What's your opinion about the new collection? 


Glitters & my little sister rocking!

Yesterday my little sister had to do an act at her school for the yearly 'schoolparty'. Ofcourse I didn't want to miss it so I went to see her performance. This is what I chose to wear : jeans, jumper with glits on it, flats with glitters and a small bag. I guess this is the smallest bag you've seen me wear so far, normally I always use a big bag because I always want to take a lot with me, too much haha :D 

The act my sister had to do was 'rocking' so that is why she's wearing such a hard, black make-up. While she was performing, I took photos of her and the tears were rolling over my face from happiness :')


Black and pink

Today I had to go to the hospital for some medical examinations and I had to be dressed comfortable. What I chose? A black legging with a pink light sweater (which you could already see in the post of Wednesday). I wouldn't wear a new sweater because hospitals aren't the most hygienic places.. To make the outfit a little bit more tough, I wore a leather jacket and some studded boots. What do you think of a black outfit with a touch of colour?