Some presents

 Here it is, the post about some presents I've got, finally! What do you like to get as a present and which one do you like the most of mine? :)


Camel fringes

 Today 's outfit : very casual with touches of camel. Touches of camel fringes/fringles, don't really know how to call it. I really love this colour !


Merry Christmas

 Today is Christmas-day ! We had a huge familydinner with way to much food.. I guess I won't be eating the next days, haha :D Christmas has always something romantic about it.. I think it's a very cosy period. I hope you enjoyed Christmas, ate some nice stuff and got lovely gifts. (soon a post about my Christmas-presents and my birthday-presents) Merry Christmas to all of you and the most important thing : may all your wishes came true!


I graduated !

 Today was the day of my proclamation. I had really bad nervs because I didn't know if I would pass all my exams.. I hoped and crossed my fingers until it was hurting me! But, all the hoping and crossing weren't for nothing. So today, I received my diplom of high school! It's 6 months later than I normal would have graduated but because of some serious bad health-issues I couldn't go to school anymore and I had to quit school. I wouldn't wait for getting my diplom so I did my exams for the Flemish gouvernment. When I got my diplom in my hands, tears of happiness came!


Winter dress

 Saturday evening I celebrated my birthday again, but this time with the family from my dad. It was nice to see them all back :) above you can see a preview of the dress I was wearing. It's a real winter dress from Mango, it's a dress with long sleeves and in winter colors.


First snow

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, the first real snow begun to fall ! I was really excited because I've always loved snow. For me, snow has something romantic and it's very beautiful to see the world in white ... I guess I also like snow because when it snows, memories of winter-holidays are coming back. Since I was four years old, I went skiing every year until a few years ago. I may not ski anymore because I have some very bad knees :( but maybe one day ...


onLYNe shop

Since a few weeks, I'm selling my clothes on Facebook. Ofcourse not all my clothes but the clothes I'm not wearing anymore or the ones which are to small. It's a nice way of being busy with fashion and it's also a lot of fun that you're making money on a very easy way. With that money, you can buy new clothes or something else ;) my advice is for everyone to make such a shop, it's a lot of fun, you're making yourself happy with the money and you can make other people happy with your clothes! A win-win-situation :)

P.S. : for the Belgian people who read my blog, here is the link to my shop (sorry to all the people who read my blog and don't live in Belgium..)
please like it and go shopping for small prices !


Skinny love - Birdy

Normally I would do a post about my presents I've got, like I told you yesterday but my camera doesn't work so I'll write another post.
This post is about my favourite song at the moment, Skinny love from Birdy, such an amazing and beautiful song! Everytime I hear it, I'm getting goosebumps. Which is your favourite song?



Preview of tommorow's post about some presents I've got for my birthday. Can you already guess?


New boots

I was searching for these kind of boots and finally I found them! I'm really in love with them, they have a nice colour - black/grey - they are very comfortable and the best thing about them, they got studs !!!! I really can't wait to wear them, thanks Zara for making my dream boots


Birthday with friends!

 Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my best girlfriends! We had a lovely evening; drinking, eating, laughing, talking, ... And I've got some fantastic presents! (post about the presents later) If you want to know what the picture on the top is, click on 'read more' ... Do you like it?


Summer memories

 Hmmm, looking at pictures from summer makes me feel good! But they are also making me wanted to be summer again already. Summer is my favourite season of the year, feeling the sun burn on my skin is one of the most lovely feelings for me.. Which is your favourite season?


Denim shorts

 Who says you can't wear your summer shorts in cold times? You just have to wear them with panties :) my outfit was totally from H&M, nice clothes for little prices, who doesn't like that?


Birthday outfit

 Yesterday was my 18th birthday but Sunday I already celebrated it with some family. I was really excited to wear my beautiful white skirt, which looks like a ballerina-skirt, a tutu. I'm really in love with this skirt :) I chose to wear it with a simple black pull, a necklace and high heels which are Louboutin-look-a-likes. You only turn once 18 so enjoy !

Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas day. This weekend the Saint came to our house and surprised my little sister. Here is a picture of her while the Saint was reading in his book to see if she was a good girl this year. How cute is that?
This evening or tomorrow there will be a longer post with an outfit ...


What a month

December has arrived and what a month it will be !
05/12 : my 18th birthday
06/12 : St. Nicholas
24/12 : Christmas evening
25/12 : Christmas
31/12 : New years eve
In between, I'm going to celebrate my birthday with friends, family, .... There are also other birthdays from friends and family. December will be a busy and crazy month, do you like Christmas & New year ?


Very casual

Look of today. As you can see, it's very casual with nothing special. It doesn't always have to be something special, right? I was wearing a middle-long coat of H&M, jeans from Zara, boots of Ella (looking like Uggs but cheaper) and my Dillema bag.
Today I will have a chill, relaxed day. Just sleeping and watching TV, probably Gossip Girl :) what are you doing today?
You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl ;)


One shoulder dress

 Normally I would have written this post yesterday evening but I was too tired. But now, here it is :) yesterday we went to a restaurant to celebrate my mum's birthday (see the post 'Happy birthday mum') I was wearing a dark orange one shoulder dress, I really like clothes with one shoulder. Do you like my dress? :)


Happy birthday mum!

 Today is my mum's birthday, so the least I can do is write a post about and for her! My mum... Gosh, I don't know where to start! She's such a beautiful person (on the inside and on the outside), she's caring, loving, she can make you smile, she's always there when you need her, ... I really think she's a very good person. She would do everything for me and actually I would also do everything for her because I love her so much, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY !


Exam look

This is what I was wearing for my exam. It's dark outside in the picture because it was early in the morning... I was wearing a vest from H&M, a skinny jeans and my JHAY-boots. It didn't really matter what I wore because the exam wasn't verbal.


Fashion icons

I wanted to do a post about my fashion icons, but I already wanted to do it for a long time. So, here it is :) who are your fashion icons?
 I love Alexa Chung her style because she has such different styles!


Study look + almost 100 followers

 It's already 4 days ago that I wrote a post, time goes fast! But I've got an excuse for not writing a lot of posts. Next week, I've got two exams so I have to study a lot. Because when I passed these 2 exams, I'm gonna have my diplom! Do you have exams these period or another period? Please cross your fingers on the 23rd of November and also on the 25th of November!


Nicky Vankets

I was going trough my pictures and I found this picture back. A photo of me and Nicky Vankets,  a Belgium couture-designer. I went to Antwerp and I just ran in to him, a really cool moment! Do you know him?


New name

Hi dear followers, how are you? I'm thinking about giving my blog a new name but I don't have a lot of inspiration.. Do you know a funny/ nice/ lovely/ beautiful name for my blog? Please help me or give me some inspiration, I'd be very thankful ! Have a nice Saturday-evening and a relaxed & chill Sunday :)


Outfit surpriseparty

 At last, some friends and I gave a surpriseparty for a very good friend of us who's going to live in South-Africa. Now, she's already there and we miss her a lot ! This was my outfit for the party (I'm sorry for the bad quality of picture) a denim shirt with a little black skirt and a bag with ruffles. The shirt, skirt and bag are from H&M. Here are some photos from me with some friends and from the moment Joeke (the girl from South-Africa) came in



Hi everyone , how are you? I hope you're good. This post is about music. I am busy with changing, deleting, adding some music from my Ipod. I want to discover some new styles, songs, bands, singers, ... Let me know what kind of music you listen to, your favourite song or band, etc.



In exactly one month, on the 5th of December, I will be 18! I'm really excited and nervous ... It are my last 30days as a teenager and then, I will be a grown up. How exciting is that? The countdown is starting today!
What did you get as gifts for your birthday or what would you like to get? Let me know, maybe you will give me some inspiration :)


Finally some skulls

 I ordered a tshirt with skulls on Zara. My friend had this tshirt and when I saw her wearing it, I immediately wanted it as well ! If you're curious to see the tshirt, click on 'read more' ... Let me know what you think of the shirt , hope you will like it


2 outfits with electric blue

The first outfit I was wearing to meet some friends. The electric blue blazer and the black top underneath it are from H&M. The grey ripped jeans is from Zara.
The second outfit I wore when I went to the movies with my best friend. I love the electric blue shorts from H&M and the electric blue bag from Asos!
Which outfit is your favourite? 



A few days  ago, I had a birthdayparty from 2 friends and this is what I was wearing. I didn't realise it at the time, that I was dressed for 'this time of the year'. HALLOWEEN-TIME ! A friend of mine told me and actually she's right because the colours are so halloween. Do you like Halloween or not?



 I really love doing my nails in different kinds of colours and I really like to change them. I would do my nails in a differt colour everyday! I went to a friend, who's mum has a nail-studio, spa and other stuff. Now, we didn't let do our nails by her mum but we tried it out on each other while we were talking and gossiping. You can already guess, a real girls afternoon :) what are you without your girlfriends??

This was the result :)


Totally into skulls !

Since a few weeks, maybe months, I am totally into skulls! I really love them, not al, because sometimes it can be a little creepy but sometimes sooo fashionable. The problem is that I can't find something with skulls that I really like .. Do you know a shop or a trustable online shop where they sell beautiful skull-stuff ? Please let me know  & you will make my day:)


New spiky bracelet

The bracelet I ordered, finally arrived! :) I really love the spikes and the combination of gold and white. Most of the time, you see the combination of black and gold so, my bracelet is a little different ! I'm in love with it, do you like spikes and my bracelet ?


Grey ripped jeans

The last days, the sky was a little bit grey. So, grey days = grey outfit :) i really love the ripped jeans! But to be honest, i want it to be summer again!


Versace for H&M

In one month, on November the 17th, the collection of Versace for H&M will be sold! You can buy the collection in more dan 300 shops and online. I'm very excited and I would love to buy something of the collection. I hope, the collection will be as good as the collection last year of Lanvin for H&M. One of my favourite pieces of this collection is the black dress with studs. Are you also looking forward to the 17th of November?