Very casual

Look of today. As you can see, it's very casual with nothing special. It doesn't always have to be something special, right? I was wearing a middle-long coat of H&M, jeans from Zara, boots of Ella (looking like Uggs but cheaper) and my Dillema bag.
Today I will have a chill, relaxed day. Just sleeping and watching TV, probably Gossip Girl :) what are you doing today?
You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl ;)


One shoulder dress

 Normally I would have written this post yesterday evening but I was too tired. But now, here it is :) yesterday we went to a restaurant to celebrate my mum's birthday (see the post 'Happy birthday mum') I was wearing a dark orange one shoulder dress, I really like clothes with one shoulder. Do you like my dress? :)


Happy birthday mum!

 Today is my mum's birthday, so the least I can do is write a post about and for her! My mum... Gosh, I don't know where to start! She's such a beautiful person (on the inside and on the outside), she's caring, loving, she can make you smile, she's always there when you need her, ... I really think she's a very good person. She would do everything for me and actually I would also do everything for her because I love her so much, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY !


Exam look

This is what I was wearing for my exam. It's dark outside in the picture because it was early in the morning... I was wearing a vest from H&M, a skinny jeans and my JHAY-boots. It didn't really matter what I wore because the exam wasn't verbal.


Fashion icons

I wanted to do a post about my fashion icons, but I already wanted to do it for a long time. So, here it is :) who are your fashion icons?
 I love Alexa Chung her style because she has such different styles!


Study look + almost 100 followers

 It's already 4 days ago that I wrote a post, time goes fast! But I've got an excuse for not writing a lot of posts. Next week, I've got two exams so I have to study a lot. Because when I passed these 2 exams, I'm gonna have my diplom! Do you have exams these period or another period? Please cross your fingers on the 23rd of November and also on the 25th of November!


Nicky Vankets

I was going trough my pictures and I found this picture back. A photo of me and Nicky Vankets,  a Belgium couture-designer. I went to Antwerp and I just ran in to him, a really cool moment! Do you know him?


New name

Hi dear followers, how are you? I'm thinking about giving my blog a new name but I don't have a lot of inspiration.. Do you know a funny/ nice/ lovely/ beautiful name for my blog? Please help me or give me some inspiration, I'd be very thankful ! Have a nice Saturday-evening and a relaxed & chill Sunday :)


Outfit surpriseparty

 At last, some friends and I gave a surpriseparty for a very good friend of us who's going to live in South-Africa. Now, she's already there and we miss her a lot ! This was my outfit for the party (I'm sorry for the bad quality of picture) a denim shirt with a little black skirt and a bag with ruffles. The shirt, skirt and bag are from H&M. Here are some photos from me with some friends and from the moment Joeke (the girl from South-Africa) came in



Hi everyone , how are you? I hope you're good. This post is about music. I am busy with changing, deleting, adding some music from my Ipod. I want to discover some new styles, songs, bands, singers, ... Let me know what kind of music you listen to, your favourite song or band, etc.



In exactly one month, on the 5th of December, I will be 18! I'm really excited and nervous ... It are my last 30days as a teenager and then, I will be a grown up. How exciting is that? The countdown is starting today!
What did you get as gifts for your birthday or what would you like to get? Let me know, maybe you will give me some inspiration :)


Finally some skulls

 I ordered a tshirt with skulls on Zara. My friend had this tshirt and when I saw her wearing it, I immediately wanted it as well ! If you're curious to see the tshirt, click on 'read more' ... Let me know what you think of the shirt , hope you will like it


2 outfits with electric blue

The first outfit I was wearing to meet some friends. The electric blue blazer and the black top underneath it are from H&M. The grey ripped jeans is from Zara.
The second outfit I wore when I went to the movies with my best friend. I love the electric blue shorts from H&M and the electric blue bag from Asos!
Which outfit is your favourite?