Day 4 @ Dusseldorf

Day four, the last day in Dusseldorf, already ... I packed my bags again, but now for leaving. We left the hotel and went to Neuss, a city near Dusseldorf, to go to the Hollister-store. This shop was in a shoppingcenter but I didn't know this, so I hadn't much time to shop here. But at least I saw the Hollister-store :) it's a really special store, very dark inside with loud music. I took a picture from the outside. I think it looks like a Thai vacationhouse , what do you think, you like it or not ?


Day 3 @ Dusseldorf

On the third day, I went in to the sauna and in the afternoon it was shopping-time (again). You can be weeks in Dusseldorf and still shopping at different shoppingcenters or streets. We went (again) to the Koningsallee to see if the bag I saw Saturday was still available to buy. But you can already guess, I wasn't lucky, the bag was gone :( I really regret it that I haven't bought the bag on Saturday ! Now, I'm going to try to buy the bag online, crossing my fingers :) we also went to the Shadowarcaden, there you have less expensive shops. I bought shoes, 2 tops, a dress, a vest, ... Pictures of my new clothes will be there soon !!!

 Bikini H&M

 Blouse H&M - Jeans Zara - Bag Volum - Shoes Zara
My dream-car before of one of my dream-shops !!!

Day 2 @ Dusseldorf

Second day at Dusseldorf was Sunday, so the shops weren't open. As we couldn't go shopping, we decided to go for a walk and in the afternoon to take a boattrip.

 Top H&M - Short H&M - Sandals Asos - Sunglasses New Look - Bag Levi's
 Watching to the famous Rein-tower in Dusseldorf
 Top H&M - Jeans Only - Shoes Zara - Bag Volum - Sunglasses H&M
Me at the boat

Day 1 @ Dusseldorf

The first day of the trip, we drove to Dusseldorf by car. We weren't lucky because there was a lot of traffic, so we arrived a couple hours later at our hotel than expected. Once at the hotel, we ate something so we had enough energy to go to the famous Koningsallee. Our plan was to just have a look at the Koningsallee but we couldn't resist the shops so we already shopped! :D It was unbelievable how many people had a Louis Vuitton-bag, I couldn't count them. If you ever want to go to the Koningsallee, don't go on Saturday but on another day of the week because there were sooo many people.
This day I bought a grey jeans, a brown vest and earrings. I also saw a very beautiful bag but I didn't buy it, I wanted to think about it until Monday. (if you want to know how the story of the bag ends, read 'Day 3 @ Dusseldorf'


Ready for Dusseldorf

This time of the year, and especially today, is a very difficult time for me. That's why I'm going to Dusseldorf for 4 days. Shopping, relaxing, welness, ... I'm really looking forward to go to the 'Koningsallee' ! I'm leaving tomorrow, so today I have to pack. But, I'm ready for it !! :)
What are you going to do this weekend ? Whatever you do, ENJOY !


Officially fall

Vest Mango - Top H&M - Jeans Only

Today, 21/09, fall has officially started! In real life, fall already started and the summer is already over for quite some time... New season means new trends and new clothes. So the only thing I have to say is : have fun with shopping !
PS : if you don't like something, don't buy it because it's a trend. With clothes you can express yourself so only buy things you actually like !


Ice watch

Everywhere you go, you see at least one Ice watch. You can say that it's a real hype. I've always wanted an Ice watch but I never bought one because a lot of people already had one. Now, last week I went to the fair and I won an Ice watch, ofcourse I was happy ! I've got one in bright pink. And you know what they say "Pink is a naughty colour" Haha ;)


Chiara Ferragni

Hello fashionlovers !
Do you know Chiara Ferragni? Probably you do and if you don't, shame on you! She's such a big and famous blogger, I really adore her blog and her style!
I wish I was her, she seems to have the perfect life with a lot of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, ... Maybe one day :D (dreaming doesn't hurt)
Now what I would like to say is, I've send an e-mail to Chiara with a few questions. I hope she will answer, I'm very curious to her answers!
Enjoy your day !!



Hi everyone !
I've read something and I would like to share it with y 'all because I think we could all learn something from it and we do it not as much as we should. Our lives would be easier sometimes if we would do what the motto says. Let me know what you think of it!

I've learned that sometimes, all you have to say is "fuck it", and just live.



Order has arrived !

My order from Asos has arrived !
I now got a new ring, new sandals and a new bag :D
woohoow , I love online shopping (l)


Laundry Day

Saturday was Laundry Day; for the first time I went to Laundry Day & I have to say, it was awesome !
Next year, I'm going back, that's for sure

Performance of NETSKY

Me @ the bacardi main stage

Me and my lovely boyfriend ; xoxo

Performance of DR. LEKTROLUV

Performance of DAAN (my boyfriend his name is also Daan :) )


What to wear @ Laundry Day ?

Saturday, it's Laundry Day !
Laundry Day is a festival in Belgium
now, the question is .. what shall I wear ?
I really have no idea, so all suggestions are welcome :)
thank you !!