QUOTE | Home

In last week's quote, I told you that I was taking a week of relaxation. The reason for that was that I was on holiday, where I was I'm going to keep a secret for a little bit longer but you'll find out soon.
Even though I absolutely love travelling, there really is no place like home : your bed, friends, family, all your clothes/bags/shoes/jewellery/..., etc. The thing I have missed the most? My own bed, especially because it is the best in the whole world! Of course I also missed family and friends but you can call/text/skype them, which you can't with your bed ;) 
But now I'm home again from my vacation and I can 'scream' the famous quote at you "honey I'm home!" 
P.S. : what do you miss the most when you're away? 


QUOTE | Relax

This week is all about relaxation to me! So I won't be blogging either. Have a lovely week! xoxo 


DIARY | Instagram #5

Wow I really can not believe that it's almost been 2 months that I showed you an Instagram-diary. When I think about it, I feel a little bit ashamed.. But what can I say? Time flies! 
So here is an update from my IG profile where I share previews, photos of new blogposts but also pictures which you don't see on the blog! So if you're curious, follow me :) I am @lyndesloovere 
Enjoy your weekend xx 

New golden rings // ootd // 
#tbt Cape Verde // enjoying the sun

Love my friend Tine so much // did some shopping.. //
#tbt little me // goodnight 

#tbt highschool graduation // daydreaming //
Sabo Skirt order arrived ! // homemade salad nicoise 

Hairwave // the mailman knows me well ! //
tanning // kiss kiss 

Cherry time // quote // 
Ripped jeans + Converse // Modemusthaves little gun necklace 

#tbt with my boy // Kate Moss aka supermodel // 
University friends // smoothie to start the day 


SHOP | Monki available at Asos

You've probably already read it on a fashion blog or another site about fashion but just in case you haven't heart it yet : the very cool brand Monki is now available at Asos! If you're already following me for a while, you know that I'm a huge Asos-fan but seriously, can you blame me? I mean, they have so many brands available, send you e-mails with promocodes, give you a great service, etc! And now they are also selling the Swedish brand Monki, which has very cool clothes and accessoiries but doesn't have stores in every country (they don't have one in Belgium :( ). Yes you could already buy stuff online at www.monki.com since September 2011 but you have to pay delivery costs. And if there is another thing which I love about Asos is that they don't charge delivery costs! (unless you want the express shipment) Asos, you already had my heart but everytime I read something about you, you steal my heart even more! 

Some of the Monki pieces I love which are available at asos.com


FASHION | Maison Martin Margiela Cinderella shoes

Recognize these shoes? Indeed, Cinderella's heels! These are designed by Maison Martin Margiela. Earlier, Christian Louboutin already designed a pair of Cinderella heels in collaboration with Disney. The Louboutin heels are made with lace and Swarovski diamonds, real fairytale heels you can say! A friend of mine actually won a pair of those pumps, crazy right?! But now MMM is here with a new version, they look very like the ones Cinderella wore in the movie, which every girl has seen when she was little. Too bad you can not wear these because they are made out of glass. If you could, would you wear them and feel like Cinderella or aren't they your cup of tea? 

Christian Louboutin Cinderella pumps 


WISH | Givenchy antigona black snakeskin bag

I'm literally in love with this bag! Why? It's black, shiny and has a snakeskin patern. I can't exactly say how long I'm already searching for a bag like this but it's already a few years. So you can imagine that this beauty makes my heart beat a lot faster! But now the price..about €2000. Maybe a very, very big gift from me to me? I don't know yet, this isn't something you decide in one day if you're just a normal girl like me. We'll see and in the meanwhile I will keep dreaming of it :) 


OUTFIT | Studded shorts

It's been quite some time that I've posted an outfit but I didn't really have an outfit to show to you. But now I'm here with an outfit from this week. And yes, I really could wear this with no jacket or something. Summer in Belgium arrived and I couldn't be happier about it ! Damn I love summer :) 

Top : H&M // Shorts : vintage // Sneakers : Converse // Bag : I Want That Musthave // Sunglasses : H&M // bracelet : no brand // 


QUOTE | Festival

The festival season absolutely kicked off in Belgium. There were already some small festivals but also bigger ones like Summerfestival, Graspop and Rock Werchter. I love going to festivals, there is always such a special vibe. I don't really care if it's a big one or not, if I want to see an artist or I want to go for another reason I will go (if I can of course). For this summer I haven't planned any festivals yet. I hope to be able to go to Fi:hP, even if it's just for one day, and/or Laundry Day. We'll see :) do you like to go to festivals? And are you going to one or more? I would love to hear it so shout ;) 


OUTFIT | Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers, I hope you enjoyed your day :) 
(Don't mind my hair, I'm having a bad hairday) 

Vest : Vero Moda // Blouse : Vero Moda // Skirt : Urban Outfitters // Flats : Zara // Sunglasses : H&M 


SHOP | Kenzo loafers : the real vs. the deal

Kenzo loafers : €260 (found on mytheresa.com) 

Zara loafers : €19,99 (reduced from €29,95) 

When I was browsing trough the Zara webshop I found these Kenzo inspired loafers. The similarity is pretty obvious : the tigerhead. They aren't the same color but they are very a like. To be honest, I prefer the Zara ones -the deal- above the Kenzo ones -the real-. Which pair is your favorite? 


FASHION | Karl Lagerfeld's home

Have you ever wondered how Karl Lagerfeld's home would look like? And yes, I'm talking about thé Karl, the man behind Chanel. His house is in Paris, on Rive Gauche. It was recently completely renovated (the renovation took about 2,5 years). When you think about a man of his age, because let's be honest Karl isn't the youngest, you would think about an old-fashioned place but not with KL. I mean, Karl Lagerfeld old-fashioned? This just doesn't make sense, right? His house is very very modern! 
Take a look and let me think what you think about it ! 

Source : http://www.architecturaldigest.com/


QUOTE | Sales

Today the sales started in Belgium so this quote is relevant ;) 
Are you a sales-shopper?