Happy Easter

Kate and I are wishing you a Happy Easter with lots of chocolate ;)


Comfortable warm

Since the cold (and the snow) were hitting Belgium again, it wasn't really about dressing fashionable but about dressing as warm as possible! 
P.S. : I'm sorry that I've been quit absent lately but the weather really made me feel like 'blah' and the second reason is that there was nobody to take pictures ... 


HBD little sister

Happy 7th birthday to my little sister!
I love you so much xxx


Monday quote : balance

From now on, i want to share every (or almost every) Monday a quote with you. Why? Because quotes can be so inspiring!
The first 'monday quote' is about balance. You've probably noticed that I'm not blogging frequently, the reason is that there are some issues in my personal life (outside the blog-life) but from now on, i want to find a balance between everything. So this is the perfect timing for this quote!


Organizing jewellery

A few days ago, when I was reading blogs, I came across this post on Baublebar
It was a post about a guest blogger, Alexandra Kaehler of Things that sparkle
She was telling about how she organizes her jewellery, which is always nice to read since I'm always looking for inspiration. She really has the best organizer! It's like a bedside-table with different spaces to keep your jewellery as organized as possible. 
I would love to buy it but I think it's a bit expensive ($309) so here are some other cool/nice/cute ideas for your jewellery. 
How do you organize your jewels? I'm curious :) 


Global warming?

People are regularly talking about global warming but to be honest, I haven't noticed it yet this winter.. We're March the 12th and it's snowing, again. I can't count the snowy days from this winter anymore, it's really unusual for Belgium to have so much snow. My mum wanted to know how much snow there was on our terrace so she measured it : 22cm !!
I'm not a winter person at all; so spring/summer , hurry up please !


Magical beauty product

Maybe you already know this beauty product, maybe you don't. If you don't know it yet, it's time now!
Every girl I know, loves to wear nailpolish and change as much as possible from colour. Including me. But if there is one thing I hate about the 'nailpolish-proces' it is removing the nailpolish. Nailpolish-remover smells bad and sometimes it's really difficult to get it off. Not anymore with this product from Bourjois! All you have to do is stick your finger into this pink pot, make a little switch with your fingertop and .. DONE!
Not only is your nailpolish removed but your fingers don't smell bad either. No, they even smell good! It's a vanilla-fruit kinda smell (a bit tropical).
So what are you waiting for?! Run to the store, paint your nails and try this product! Removing your nailpolish was never so easy and fun :)



One way or another, we're all looking and searching for inspiration. Wether it's for school, work, hobby, a party,.. One is looking for fashion inspiration, the other for nature inspiration. Another one is looking for art inspiration, the other for music inspiration.
Since my blog is maintainly about fashion, I'm always looking for inspiration in that direction. That doesn't mean that I only find inspirational stuff in that direction. I can also find inspiration in other, not so obvious directions. Where I (try to) find inspiration :
We heart it
Movies / tv shows
People on the street
Where do you look? Maybe you can give me some ideas/tips :)