Moustache Kate

It's been 10 days ago that I've written a post and it has a reason : university just started. I didn't have the time to write a post but I also didn't have the time to shoot some photos! These were taking very quickly, so they aren't that good. It's not such a spectacular outfit but this tshirt from Eleven Paris arrived this week at my place and I'm so happy. I wanted a 'moustache-shirt' with Kate Moss on it for already a long time and now it has a place in my closet ! 
P.S. :  you can see in my eyes that I have stress and that I'm very tired but I'm also a human being, just like everyone else, so I have good days and 'bad' days ;) 


Glitters and black

This was my look for my first day at university, introduction day. A glitter jumper and glitter flats with black for the other parts. I used my handbag from Essentiel, which I already have for years and it was my first 'expensive' bag. Introduction day is over and I have to say, it was pretty nice to feel like a real student :)


Preparing for university

Monday is my first day at university, I'm so excited and nervous! 
Since it are the last days of vacation, I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible but I have to arrange some stuff : sending e-mails, figuring out where my classes are, when I have class, which books I have to buy, .. 
It's all a little bit hectic! 
What about you, back to school already or do you work? 



I went to the hairdresser today and they cut a little bit of my hair. I don't know if you can see it, but for me it feels like they cut off a big piece! In this pic you can't see it very good but it's a little bit different. 
And I love it that my hair is a bit blonder again! 
I was a blondie, I am a blondie and I'll always be a blondie :) 


Girlsnight outfit

If you're following me on Facebook, you know that I had a girlsnight last Thursday. I met my group of girlfriends at Knokke, a city at the Belgian coast. I chose to wear some white jeans because Fall is coming so the weather will start to change (in a bad way). White pants combined with glitter jumper, wedges and Louis Vuitton handbag. 
I was really excited to see my friends back and we had a lovely evening : apero, eating, dancing, singing, talking, .. Love them so much :) 


New in

2 days ago I had a mother-daughter-day. I really love spending time with my mum, she's not only my mum but she's also a friend of mine! Love it how we can spend some great times togheter and laugh about the same things :) 
We went shopping and I bought some things : hairband for the winters, mint shirt, lipbalm, hair accessoiry and a bag that I can use for university. 


New York Fashion Week September 2012

Today is the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week also known as New York Fashion Week. 
It's really a dream from me to go to a fashion week, meet all the bloggers and designers, watch the fashion shows, the fashionable people, updating my brain with new trends, .. 
It must be such an amazing experience! Hopefully in the future .. 
Here are some photos of this year : celebrities sitting front row, bloggers, fashion shows, etc. 
PS: love the look in the last picture !!



It's been such a long time ago that I've eaten some candy and today, I really had a candy-kick so I just had to buy candy! Why is it so delicious and addictive? 


Uterqüe wedges

Here is my outfit from yesterday. For the first time wearing my new wedges from Uterqüe, I really love them!  Because of the beautiful weather, it was perfect to match my shoes with a pair of shorts. 
Honestly, I really really really love this look and I'm in love with my wedges! 


Red sunglasses

Here I am, again wearing a dark blue jeans. There are a few reasons that I wear them so often : I have many because in high school I had to wear marine blue & white and they are so easy to combine. This time I made a combination with a flower top. And I'm wearing other sunglasses, this time in a colour and a Ray-Ban-model. Not a big one like I usually wear. 


Vogue - The September Issue

September : probably the most important month in the fashion industry. You can notice it everywhere : designers, fashionshows, shops, fashion magazines, ..
Vogue is one of those fashion magazines. Every month they create a new number but the one of September is every year the most important. Once, I saw a documentary about 'the making of' of the September Issue. It's really interesting to see, you'll probably find it on Google.


Neon yellow jacket

Last Saturday I went to the sea with my mum and I chose to wear a black outfit with one touch : a jacket in neon yellow. Neon is/was one of the trends this season. I really like the combination with black so the jacket is a real eyecatcher. My jewellery was a little bit more 'rock'. 
What do you think of this combination? 



My shoes and bag are matching. 
Do you match your shoes and bag? 


Feather printed dress

Lost and found : pictures of me wearing a dress with a peacock feather print. 


White and blue

First weekend of September. Normally, school starts again on the first of September and now it will be tomorrow because in the weekend you don't have to go to school here in Belgium. It's also strange that I don't have to start yet because I'm not in high school anymore. It will be my first year at university ! I still have 3 more weaks of vacation .. What about you ? 
My outfit is in marine blue and white because that were the colours I had to wear in high school, we had some strict clothing rules. At the moment, I really hated those rules but now that I think about it, white and blue is always classic and beautiful.