Instagram #1

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For those who aren't on Instagram, don't worry, I've made a few collages with some pics I shared! Just come by every once and a while and you'll be Instagram-updated as well :)


Everyday I'm ...

Everyday I'm shuffling, oops I mean studying! Lately I'm not posting outfits because I still have exams so my outfits aren't really fashionable. Imagine pj's and joggings, what's more fashionable than that?! Haha :)



About 10 days ago, the first snow in 2013 started to fall down. Now we're a while later and the snow is still here, it just doesn't melt! In fact, it just kept freezing and snowing sometimes. Snow gives me a mixed feeling : beautiful landscapes and fun but at the same time way too cold for me!


Black and white

 I wore this outfit last December to go out for dinner with family. 
You can never do wrong with black and white, right? 


New Year's Eve outfit

I finally found the time to upload the pictures from my outfit on New Year's eve. 
I decided to wear a little black dress, with a very casual front and when you see the back.. BAM surprise! An naked back. I combined it with flats instead of heels because flats are so much more comfortable. 
I wore my hair in a very high ponytail so you could see my naked back. 
To complete the look I wore earrings that I got from friends for my birthday and I also wore my Cartier look-a-like love bracelet. Do you like this outfit? 
Enjoy your Saturday night & have a lovely Sunday xx 


Stress & chaos

Tomorrow I have my first exam of this schoolyear and since it is my first year at university, it will also be my very first exam at university. Way different than in high school but there is a first time for everything! So tomorrow : statistics. Not my best class at all. I just don't see it and I don't understand it so the result will be a surprise, hopefully a good one ;) but my results aren't close yet : first i still have to make 2 other exams. But first things first : exam of statistics. Wish me luck! And to everyone who also has to study : good luck to you as well :) xoxo


I wanna go shopping

January = salestime ! 
The sales started yesterday and I really want to go shopping so badly but I can't because I have to study (Tuesday I have my first exam, and most difficult one I guess) 
So I already know what to do in my studybreaks : online shopping ! 
If you know some good, cool, nice online shops, please let me know. I would be so happy! 


Happy 2013

I wanted to share this picture with you because that's exactly what I did on 00:00. Give a big kiss to my boyfriend, this our 'happy new year's kiss' :)
Did you celebrate well? I really hope you did!
Now it's time to say what I wish you : luck, happiness, joy, fun, love, health, friendship, .. and everything you wish for. May all your dreams and wishes come true!
With every new year, people make resolutions. So do I. Most of the time I forgot them after a few months (but I don't have that excuse anymore since I'm going to write them down, here, online) or I just hadn't got the courage to stick with them. But hey, now you guys are here to remind me at them! So, here are my resolutions/goals :
- eat healthier
- write more blog posts (at the end of 2012 I wasn't able to write posts because of some problems with the blog, I apologize again!)
- get good grades
- achieve something with the blog (everything is welcome : get more followers, collaborations with PR-agencies/people/brands, get more comments, etc.)
- explore at least 2 new countries (my goal is 2 because I've already planned a trip to a country where I've never been before so one more to go)
- ...
I wish everyone in the world a HAPPY 2013 !!!
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Blog logo

Here I am, finally back! 
First of all : happy 2013! But, don't worry, I will write a post on that too :) 
First I wanted to show you the 'logo' from my blog. 
What do you think? Do you like it or should I personalize it more?
All ideas are welcome! 
P.S. : I'm so glad to be back