Happy 2nd birthday !

Today, my blog is 2 years and 2 days old. The plan was to write this post on Monday, the actual second birthday of Blonde Butterflies, but I had no one to take photos, didn't have confetti, etc. And now it is time to stop talking about these problems (which aren't real problems) because it's partytime! 
I mean, it's crazy right that I'm already writing posts for the past 2 years. Time flies, it's a cliché that everyone says but it really is! 
Blonde Butterflies has grown over the past 2 years but I didn't reach my goals, this may sound sad/bad but actually I already knew in advance that I wouldn't reach them : I'm such a perfectionist and my goals are always higher than achievable. 
Anyway, I want to thank everybody who supported me, helped me, read my blog, became a follower, ... 


OUTFIT | Saint-Tropez in Cyprus?

Last outfit from Cyprus. It's only the third one I show you because I only took outfitphotos of these 3 outfits, sometimes you just don't want to be photographed I guess. 
This outfit, I love it! It gives me a bit of a Saint-Tropez vibe because of the striped dress, my tan, my hair that has a wavy/beachy look and my sunglasses. I felt so good in this outfit, haha! I can not wait until I go to France again; I can already see myself walking down the boulevard in this outfit while watching the sunset and just enjoying life. Aaaah, daydreaming ... 

dress : H&M // sandals : Zara // bag : Mango // sunglasses : H&M // 



Not really a quote but this is exactly how I feel right now.. But it's only one more day of studying and then I'm back to real vacation :) 
Could you just do me one favor? Please cross all your fingers and burn all the candles you have tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, thank you! 


FASHION | Karl Lagerfeld concept store in Antwerp

Big news in the Belgian fashionworld : at the end of October, thé pope of fashion aka Karl Lagerfeld, will open a store in Antwerp! What we will be able to buy? Everything from Karl's own collection : clothes, bags, shoes, books, gadgets, accessoiries,... I can't wait for the store to open and go take a look and maybe even buy something? ;) 
Here is a little sneak peek of the Winter collection of 2013-2014


FASHION | Dress like Olivia Palermo

Are you also such a huge fan of Olivia Palermo her style? Good news for you and me, Olivia was spotted recently in this dress from Asos. You can find it here
Isn't it nice to see a style icon wear clothes that we can afford as well? 


BEAUTY | Ombre hair

One of the hairtrends from the past months : ombre hair! I liked it from the first moment I saw it and I still love it, I can't get over it! This trend makes me wanna wish I had brown hair. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my own haircolour but the ombre trend is just way more beautiful (in my opinion) with brown hair. So brownies, you're lucky ;) 
What do you think of the ombre trend : yay, nay or "passé"? 


OUTFIT | Striped black and white

Another outfit from Cyprus. I wore this for dinner, without knowing the dinner was going to be quite special that evening. Instead of the usual place where we had dinner, everyone had dinner around the pool and there was a little band playing some music while we watched another amazing sunset. If the atmosphere wasn't special enough, all of a sudden a group of 4 dancers came and showed some traditional Greek dances. I was really impressed, they danced so well I almost forgot to eat haha! Amazing night you can say :) 

blouse : Zara // skirt : H&M // bag : Mango // sunglasses : H&M // 


QUOTE | Time

When you are reading this, you already 'lost' a few seconds from your time today. Time is something very precious and personal, that is why I wrote 'lost' instead of lost. It all depends on what you want to do with your time that moment/day/year/... For now, I'm spending all these seconds on 2 things : studying for my re-examination and sleeping. Some may think it's a waste of time but to me it's very important that I pass (here is the personal aspect of time). So for the next 691200 seconds I will spend my time on those 2 things. I really hope for you that you will spend your time with something more fun haha! But you got to do what you got to do (or what you think you got to do). So tell me how you will be spending your time, go ahead and make me jealous ;)