BEAUTY | Chanel protection

While I am writing this post, I'm sitting outside so I couldn't have picked a better moment for sharing this. 
Let me introduce you : Chanel UV Essentiel. UV Essentiel is a beauty product to use on a daily base for multiple protection : 
1) it protects the skin against UV-B beams. 
2) PA+++ offers a maximum of protection against UV-A beams. 
3) a botanical drug protects your skin against the pollution. 
4) a vitamin E-derivative protects against free radicals. 
On top of these 4, UV Essentiel prevents your skin of getting spots. 
How to use this product? It's very easy : you put it on your face, neck and cleavage (the places on your skin that are 'open' in the air) BEFORE you put your make-up on. 
This product is available in multiple SPF-factors : SPF20, SPF30 and SPF50. You can buy it at the Chanel selling points for €50. 

Source : ILFN, Chanel 


  1. I was just looking for a new sunblock!:) With Chanel you definitely get quality, right?!

  2. Waauw I want to try this product haha :) Love everything Chanel!! Thanks for the review!



  3. I never step outside without sunscreen, and I'm always trying to find new ones to test out. I'll have to give this a try!



  4. This is so useful!! thanks for sharing i'll definitely try it! Hope u can visit my blog www.thestyletographer.com XOXO


  5. Thanks for sharing!
    Will keep an eye on this. :)

    x Krizia

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