OUTFIT | Denim skirt

If you've seen my Cyprus diary, you probably recognize this outfit a bit. 
I wore this outfit when my mum and I went to the harbor of Paphos. The skirt was a good choice, I already have this skirt for 2 years now but I've never worn it before, to be honest the price tag was still on it. Shame on me! The top wasn't my best choice since it was very hot and in a cobalt blue top that is very strappy, you can see your sweat (okay, this might sound not that hygienic but all people sweat!). 
I'm definitely going to wear this skirt more often! The top too but under other circumstances ;) 

top : Coolcat // skirt : H&M // shoes : H&M // bag : Mango // sunglasses : H&M // 

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