WORDS | Change.. by Wayne Dyer

If these aren't words of wisdom, I really don't know anymore. 
Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I realize how true and meaningful this quote is. I completely agree with mister Dyer but it is -of course- so much easier said than done to change your vision, your perspective. 
We all have our norms and values who make us as an individual and that isn't something you can change in a second. It asks lots of courage, definitely when it's about something big/serious.
Don't we all have a vision that we 'need'/want to change? I know I do. 


  1. I'm not really someone who feels the need to change herself. I do believe in being open to things and to grow as a person.

    Geen idee waarom 'k nu eigenlijk in het Engels reageerde :D

    x Aurélie