Let's talk about what every fashionista is talking about : the Alexander Wang collection for H&M. The past months there were speculations and we got some teasers from celebs like RiRi but a few days ago the actual collection has been released. It's a quite sporty and edgy collection that only exists out of three colors : white, grey and black. I am not such a fan of this style so that's why there is only one 'real' clothing piece between my favorites. My two fav's out of these six ones are the bikini and the towel, here comes my love for summer again ;) 
What do you think of the collection? Is it your style? 

Since you've probably already read about this collection somewhere on the internet and it isn't exlusive anymore (not that I ever get scoops or something but you know what I mean), there will be another post on the blog later today so don't forget to come back! 


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