It's now 2,5 months ago that I moved and I still don't have a proper closet -oops! 
Yes, I have a closet but it's way too small so I'm living out of this closet, a big suitcase, some clothing racks and another part of my clothes is hanging in my mum her closet. Wow, this sounds like I have TONS of clothes and I still feel like I've got nothing to wear.. 
Truth is that I didn't really mind having my clothing in different places but now I'm getting tired of it since most of the time I can't find what I want to wear. Pretty frustrating. 
The plan is that I'm going to keep my 'old closet' for my coats and shoes and that I'll buy a new Ikea PAX closet for the rest. I'm pretty sure you've seen/heard of the PAX system before but a bit of inspiration never hurt anyone! 
PS : If you have a PAX closet, or something that looks a like, and you've got some tips, don't forget to leave a comment ;) 
PPS : The head image of this post is the closet of Aimee Song from the blog Song of Style, it isn't the PAX system but she also used things from Ikea and let's be honest, how could I leave such an amazing closet out of this post?! 

Sources : Song of Style // Decorpad // We Heart It (my account) //


  1. Love these closets! I definitely need to take some time organize mine a bit better haha :P


  2. Ja sommige van deze zijn bij mij toch ook welkom hoor ^^ En idem voor de content :p

    x Aurélie

  3. Ik wil later zo graag een walk-in closet! Dat moet zowat het zaligste ever zijn! Ik word jaloers als ik al die foto's hier bekijk ;) En dan de inhoud van de kledingskasten van die erg bekende bloggers: nog meer jaloers, haha! :D

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