CRAVING | Only two more months..

In exactly two months I will turn 21, YAY! 
I don't know how you feel about this age but to me it feels like a pretty special birthday. I can't really explain why but I guess I associate it with being a 'real adult'. 
Until it's my bday, I will share some wishlists with things I wouldn't mind having from all price ranges.


  1. 21 is such a fun birthday!!! For sure spoil yourself you only turn 21 once, I would for sure get #5 that camera looks awesome :)


  2. Ooh super! 21 is inderdaad een specialleke! Vier hem dus maar goed :D Je lijstje is alleszins al leuk. Grappig dat je bij de camera specifiek zegt dat het een witte moet zijn. Mama/boyfriend, goed gehoord he :p

    x Aurélie

  3. Gaaf! Alvast gefeliciteerd he!!! Ik heb je trouwens genomineerd op m'n blog voor de VIB en sunshine award!x

  4. Ah, such a great birthday list! 21 is one of the most exciting birthdays ever, so enjoy it ;) Following your blog and would love it if you followed mine!