LIFE | Because I'm happy

Hello sweets, how are you? As you can probably tell from the title of this post and the picture above -which is an old one by the way and yes I am wearing clothes, strapless ;) - I am pretty happy today. 
There are multiple reasons for my happiness : I'm really glad September is over hence it is the month I like the least, like I already told you, for personal reasons. Anyways on to the next reason, fall still hasn't really hit Belgium yet which I reaaaally like - I love the sun and heat just way too much. And last but not least, I finally found two new beautiful bras today! Us girls like some beautiful lingerie, don't we? 
All I can say is that I hope you had a great day as well and that I hope October will continue like this..


  1. You are gorgeous, girlfriend!! Glad to hear you had a lovely day :)

    xx Kat

    1. Oh Kat, you're making me blush!
      Enjoy your weekend :)