FASHION | Kate Moss in all white?!

If you've seen some photos of her, no editorial or campaign photos but her daily life looks, you can't deny that she loves black. Most of her outfits are rather dark. That's why I was so 'shocked' when I stumbled upon this picture of her on Tumblr. 
Moss in a completely white look? I had never seen that before! (except on her wedding day) 
I must admit that I like it but I'm still more a fan of her usual black looks. 
Which outfits do you prefer on Kate, the black or the white ones? 


  1. She looks good in either black or white! :) But I really love the fact that she is changing up a bit her usual style- it is more fun that way! :)
    All white outfits are my summer favorite!


    1. I agree with you!She always looks great.I love all her outfits and especially in the ethnic style)