LIFE | Sister love

Two weeks from now, my sister will be doing her First Holy Communion. 
For a 7 year old girl that's a big thing and what does a little one associate with a something big? 
Yes, a celebration with lots of presents. 
Because she isn't "just" family but my little sister who I love with all my heart, I want to give her a special present. So my idea is to print a beautiful, recent photo of us two on a big canvas. 
I wanted the photos to be 'clean' and I also wanted to look like eachother as much as possible so that's why we're both wearing the same leggings (yes, they are exactly the same!) and a white top. Nothing too special because I want to make clear that it's just about us and our special band. 
Here are some photos of the sister-photoshoot, my favourites are the first (the one above) and the last one :) 
P.S. : she doesn't know that these photos were taking for her present, I told her that I wanted to have some beautiful photos of us to put in my room. So I didn't lie because I will also print some photos for myself! 

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