FASHION | Olivia Wilde for H&M Conscious Exlusive Collection

H&M's new Conscious Exlusive Collection is in the making and guess who they chose to be the face of this collection? Olivia Wilde, the beautiful American actress. 
Olivia is more than just a pretty face who acts, she's also a fighter for the environment so this collaboration between H&M and Wilde isn't a surprise. 
The different touches from all over the world have to give the collection that 'universal theme'. The collection exists out of hand drawn graphics, snake/nature prints, earth tones and simple lines -underneath you can see a preview. I think it looks really good, what's your opinion?
The launch date is only on April 16th so we still got to wait a bit but for a beautiful, fashionable and ecological collection we're willing to wait, no? 
"Sustainability is one of my biggest passions. I'm proud to be the face of H&M Conscious Exclusive, a collection which shows the stylishness of sustainability." - Olivia Wilde