Turkey day 1

Yesterday evening I arrived in Turkey at 20.00 (local time) but than we had to wait for our luggage and we had to drive another hour to our hotel and than we still hadn't eat anything so we ate something and went to bed. I really had no time or energy anymore to write a post, I was so tired! 
There was something special about our flight, there was a man on the plain who is famous and known in Belgium and to me, he's the most beautiful man under the famous people from Belgium. The one and only Sean Dhondt. He is really my type, haha! Brown hair, brown eyes and I love his tattoos! Luckely for me, my boyfriend looks a lot like him :D 
Today is my first full day in Turkey and I can already tell you that it's very warm, hmm I can't wait to lay at the pool so this will be the end of the post! 
P.S. : I'm going to try to write a post every day so watch out! 


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