Turkey day 5 & 6

This post is with pictures of yesterday and today because today I didn't do anything except chilling at the beach because the weather was very very very hot today! 37°C in the shadow so in the sunshine it was about 45°C... Not really some weather to do something except relaxing, enough drinking and eating ice cream, haha. Yesterday we went to the market in Manavgat. A real experience and if you have never been to a country like Turkey, you probably don't know what is happening to you.. All those people who are trying to sell something to you, to a way to high price, they are almost begging you! And if you're not buying anything, they are mad and not friendly anymore.. If you really want something, don't pay the full price they are asking! 
Have you ever been to Turkey before? If yes, do you have any suggestions? 

The lightning in the picture below isn't good but it's just to show you the outfit.


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