London Day 5

Fifth day in London = last day, unfortunately .. We started the day with packing our bags and making sure the luggage could close because with all the new stuff in it.. Let's say that it was a challenge! After packing, we decided to go see the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace again. We went by a taxi, the famous black ones. After that we went to the Abercrombie and Fitch store. It's always a pleasure to see these hot boys with there hot naked bodies :) I bought a cute dress. After that, we went to the British Museum where we wanted to go to the library because my mum and I read a lot but the 'library' was closed so we decided to see the 'Enlightment room', this was also closed, a real dissappointment so we left.. Than, it was already time to go to the railway station to wait for the Eurostar. Bye bye London :(

P.S. : London, I'm gonna miss you but I'll come back!

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